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The Bachelor: Guns, BBQ, Hy, Sisters…But No I Love You’s!

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The Bachelor: Guns, BBQ, Hy, Sisters…But No I Love You’s!

It’s hometown time on The Bachelor and this weeks recap has it all, including Andi’s father, Hy, who says “Bye!” to Juan Pablo, Clare’s sister, Lara, and guns!

I Love You

Say hello to Hy and watch out for Lara!

It’s hometown time, y’all, which is the most exciting part of The Bachelor. So let’s get straight to the tears, gun shots and family drama!

Nikki in Kansas City: Juan Pablo and Nikki spend most of their time at a BBQ spot. And the BBQ is caliente! But JP loves it, and Nikki loves him and will tell him so when “the time is right.”

They meet her family. Her mom and dad are very American. No flair or flavor but they approve and are very supportive of Nikki’s choice. But will she tell him that she loves him? She wants to but it’s just not the right time. Nikki sends him away and he goes off to spend some time with Andi’s family.

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Andi in Atlanta: In Atlanta, we meet a man that I shall never forget – Hy. That’s Andi’s dad. Before we get to him let’s talk about how Andi took Juan Pablo to the shooting range and kicked his ass. She’s a tough Assistant DA. Her dad, however, is tougher.

They meet Hy and Andi’s mom, who is down to salsa with Juan Pablo. Hy is like, bye! You are not worthy of my daughter! Literally. But Andi kinda likes him a lot! It isn’t love. Her sister sees that something is missing. So unlike Renee.

Renee in Sarasota: Renee is in love with Juan Pablo. So much so that he is meeting her son, Ben. They watch him play ball and it’s all very sweet. Renee’s family is also very down to earth and easygoing. Her momma tells Renee to tell JP how she feels, but only if she’s in love. Because “we can love our pets but you need to be in love with the man you’re with!” Best. Quote. Ever.

Renee, however, does not tell Juan Pablo she loves him, even though she is in love with him, and regrets it instantly. But Clare just might.

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Clare in Sacramento: JP is excited because Clare is fun and makes him smile. Making someone smile is so hard! They start at the park because that’s where she went all the time as a child…like every woman in America. But let’s get to the goodies! Clare’s sister, Lara. She is actually loopier. Than. Clare. She will not give Clare and Juan Pablo her blessing for an engagement that hasn’t even occurred. And she will not let Clare manipulate “mama.” She stands up. “You’re not disrespecting, mama!” Who are you, Lara? Are you a professional bouncer at a club?

One more shock: Clare’s mom is Mexican! She begins speaking Spanish to Juan Pablo like Mami would speak to my potential fiancé that’s dating a dozen women. Maybe she can tell Reene, “Adios,” for Juan Pablo because she was sent home. It may be best to hear it from one momma bear to another.

Who do you think should have been sent home?

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

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