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I can watch that video over and over again. It’s a reminder that I can’t give up on my soul purpose. Writing is my God-given talent. My Creator made me a creator.

Feedback: Multicultural Romance Novel Book Proposal

quit everything

I have a confession to make and it’s not one that I am proud of. I quit everything that’s hard. If you run away when things get tough, this is how to turn it around.

When You Quit Everything That’s Hard

saturn square uranus capricorn

Feeling the influence of Saturn Square Uranus? As a Capricorn rising, it’s hitting me hard. If you want to know how Saturn Square Uranus may affect you as a Capricorn rising (and how to handle this yearlong astrological transit), read on!

Saturn Square Uranus? Take Cover, Capricon Rising!

This is a makeup NON tutorial because, ladies, I had a contour FAIL! Lord, have mercy on my cheeks. Watch my disaster on video.

This Contouring Newbie Tries Guize Face FX


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