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subarachnoid hemorrhage

As much as Dr. Neuro reassured me that my subarachnoid hemorrhage was just a fluke, that I could go about my business like it never happened, it did happen.

I’m Scared to Suffer Another Brain Hemorrhage

setting boundaries for yourself

Fear is a bitch, it ruins everything! This is why it’s essential to pinpoint your fears before setting boundaries for yourself. And you can start the process by asking yourself a few questions.

When You Fear Setting Boundaries

authentic brand voice

I pitched myself and wrote for multiple family-friendly blogs as a relationship blogger with a “single gal who desperately wants a family and a husband” spin. It was a strategic, entrepreneurial move that went against my authentic brand voice.

I Sold Out My Authentic Voice for the ‘Gram

Days turn to weeks and online dating over 40 begins to feel like a part-time job that I’m forced to clock into because the rent is too damn high.

Waiting for ‘Good Old Fashion’ Love

blogger stress

Every day I delete over two dozen emails from PR companies with invites to review beauty items, become an affiliate for an online boutique, interview an actress or an author, and to share an expert’s insight on relationships, sex, or self-love. It’s annoying as fuck, even if I get free products or get paid to […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

sign from god

Two years ago today I made a decision that changed the trajectory of my life. As I drove to work on a cool November morning, I listened to a preaching by T.D. Jakes and said, “God, please show me the way.”

The Text That Lit Me Up

support strong friends

I often talk about how women need to support strong friends, particularly strong women of color. I also whine and, yes, complain about the lack of support that I receive as a strong friend. Yet my friends rarely understand what I mean when I say, “I wish I had support.”

I’m Strong But I Still Need Help

I have a Google document that reads “The Not So Good Sides of Me.” My intention was to pen a piece on my shadow side as part of my self-love journey. I planned to describe in detail the parts of my personality that I needed to “fix.” Because I’m a fixer and I thought I needed fixing.

I Am (Im)Perfect Just the Way I Am

Learned behavior is a bitch to break. I’ve made it perfectly clear to the folks in my life that certain patterns need to change. I’m setting boundaries with family like a fucking grown up.

Setting Boundaries in a Latinx Family is Hard AF

Her silk pillow. To maintain her curly hair. To keep it shiny. To remain au naturel. It lies there because she lies there. It lies there in its permanency because she is not going anywhere.

Love Trips: The Silk Pillow


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