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sex and the city character

I wasn’t seductive, like Harper; my version of sexy was less sultry lioness and more graceless baby horse.

My Very Warped Version of a Sex and the City Character

pussy flower

She cocked her head back and laughed, showing off a flash of her overbite while painting a picture of being eaten out.

Love Trips: Pussy

obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

She wasn’t the real me, who took pride in herself and her appearance. I wanted the real Jeanine to return. I knew I had to do something big to change my path: bariatric surgery. 

I Weighed 257 Pounds

love trips

The signs were all there the first day we met and a woman’s intuition never fails. Her coldness. Her disinterest. They all pointed to her desire for D and her disdain for me.

Love Trips: I Should Have Seen It Coming


We’ve been forced to accept change despite our pleas for sameness.

Love Trips: We’re Going to Be Okay

Her silk pillow. To maintain her curly hair. To keep it shiny. To remain au naturel. It lies there because she lies there. It lies there in its permanency because she is not going anywhere.

Love Trips: The Silk Pillow