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social media ruins relationships

Couples who don’t share their relationship online are 128% happier than those who do.

Why Social Media Can Ruin Relationships

mixed signals

In today’s world of dating, you can consider yourself lucky if a man responds to a text, and even luckier if he communicates his true feelings. “I hit the jackpot this time,” I share with friends confidently, “no doubt, this guy actually likes me!” Then, days go by without a word. And I mean zip, […]

Men Speak Out About Mixed Signals

tantric sex

Tantra is less about marathon sex and more about connecting with your partner.

7 Reasons to Venture Into Tantric Sex

date older men

Whether it’s Thalia with Tommy Mottola, Charo with Xavier Cugat, or Sophia Loren with film producer, Carlo Ponti, these Latina celebs all married much older men. And it’s not because they have Daddy issues! Contrary to popular belief, not all women who desire to date older men are mending childhood wounds. They also don’t always […]

7 Reasons to Date Older Men

woman sad and ghosted

I waited outside for Dan while my friend begged for me to accept that he ghosted me.

He Ghosted Me and It Sent Me to Therapy

summer sex

There’s something about summer that’s sexy AF. To help you on this sexual journey, Dr. Spar breaks down healthy practices to better summer sex.

7 Tips for Better Summer Sex

warrior pose yoga for better sex

Let’s give yoga the good old college try! To get you going (not in that way) I give you 7 yoga poses for better sex.

8 Yoga Poses for Better Sex

cuddling position meanings

Our favorite sleeping position and how far apart we sleep from our partner provides insight into our relationship.

5 Cuddling Position Meanings About Your Relationship

healthy vagina

I thought my mom’s favorite feminine wash (and that of all old-school Dominican women) would leave me with a cleaner and healthier vagina. Instead, I felt like I needed a fire extinguisher.

6 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Vagina


Couple exhaustion with work responsibilities, personal to-do lists, birthday parties, family gatherings, and ‘the Gram, and it’s no wonder many of our relationships are flailing.

4 Ways to Reconnect In a Romantic Relationship


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