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relationship dealbreakers

Single? It’s time to abandon frivolous relationship dealbreakers and give a potential partner a chance. Here are 8 to dump.

8 Silly Relationship Dealbreakers to Forgo

get over heartbreak

Stop wallowing in a tub of Turkey Hill ice cream and living in your comfy pajamas! Instead, use your creativity to get over heartbreak.

How to Get Over Heartbreak by Using Your Creativity

how to spot a catfish online

Do they only text filtered photographs like Rebecca of 90 Day Fiancé? Well, my friend, you’ve probably caught a catfish.

How to Spot a Catfish Online When Dating

ghosted me

I’ve been single for 7 years because every guy I’ve ever dated has ghosted me. My ex is married now, which is funny because he said he was afraid of marriage. Maybe he was just afraid to marry me.

Every Guy I’ve Ever Dated Has Ghosted Me

always single girl

It’s bad enough that father and someone’s drunk uncle are my only dance partners at weddings and family gatherings. God bless them, really.

Being The Always Single Girl Is Awkward AF

date night at home outfits

Rock these outfits when date night begins in your living room.

5 Date Night At Home Outfit Dresses

my love life sucks

I learned to read tarot cards and tried predicting my love life, but just like a doctor can’t operate on himself, I can’t tap into my own future.

My Love Life Sucks So I Got a Psychic Reading

mixed signals from guys

Gone, it seems, are the days of hour-long first phone calls, declarations of feelings on loose-leaf paper, and conversations that “define the relationship.”

Mixed Signals! When He Never Asks for Your Number

micro cheating

Now that we can engage with thousands of attractive strangers, serial killers, and THOTS, relationships are even more vulnerable to infidelity. With a swipe of a finger your boo-thang can get up close and personal with another vagina or penis – or both.

6 Ways to Know If Your Partner is Micro-Cheating

resentment in relationships

Jesse Zimmerman, Certified Sex Therapist and Author, emphasizes the importance of staying open to reignite sex during troubled times.

How to Reignite Intimacy After Resentment in Relationships


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