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Candi: Road Kill

Jan 17, 2021

This is an excerpt from a romance novelette I am working on self-publishing. Enjoy and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates!

“Stop yelling, please. Just calm down and speak without raising your voice. You’re going  to scare the baby.” John looks over at Ava to check on her from the kitchen as if I have somehow scarred her when he’s the one that’s cheated.

I fume, knowing exactly the game he is playing. Not this time, asshole. You’re not going to turn this on me. “You cannot deny this, you are professing  your love to her and plotting to see her when I go out of town with Ava.”

“No…that’s not what’s happening. She’s been depressed and I was encouraging her to go out – “

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I feel pain deep in my gut. It shoots straight through to my hear and then my temples. “I don’t give a fuck how she feels, that bitch!”

John smirks slight, getting a kick out of tormenting me. I don’t care, I won’t stop.

“Out of all the women you can fuck you chose the one that I always warned you about, the one that I always said I didn’t trust!” Since the day that I met her I knew. She kissed me on the cheek and didn’t speak one word to me that night. I even asked John if she was feeling unwell.

“You said she was happy to meet me and that she’s so friendly and kind, but she doesn’t seem to want to get to know me at all,” I said during our first mutual friends and family gathering.

“I don’t know what’s up with her,” you replied. “She does seem off.”

Today proves that my gut instinct was correct. That bitch spoke a minimum of two words to me that night because she desired my man. Read the rest of my romance novelette on Latina x Love Magazine.

Photo by Monica Ley on Unsplash.



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