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Dominican romance writer

Candi: Dripping

Welcome to Candi and J’s romantic saga where you will be titilated with their love and drama. This is my first time sharing my work of fiction as a first time Dominican romance writer. I hope you enjoy it.

“Coño, it’s so fucking hot!” 

Candi pushes her curly locks away from her face, wiping beads of salty sweat from her forehead and perfectly slicked-back baby hair. She pulls at her graphic tee in a swift back and forth motion, fanning herself to find relief from the NYC summer heat. A drop of sweat trails down her neck and crawls down to her cleavage. It nestles in between her large breasts. She grabs her smartphone and swipes up, landing on the Weather app. 

“102 degree? Oh hell no! I’m not hopping on a train!” 

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Candi begins texting her best friend, Yo, and braces herself for disappointing her when canceling their plans. Yo, who lives in Manhattan, loves to hang; Candi has been homebound in the ‘burbs of Long Island since becoming a mom to her baby girl, Ava. They’re supposed to hit “da club,” as Yo calls it, in Queens, but Candi can’t bring herself to hop on a NYC subway to walk into “da club” dripping.

Candi: Hey, Yo, bad – 

The phone sings in her hand. Candi jumps, dropping her smartphone in the process. She hadn’t heard that special ring – an 80’s salsa song – in three years. 

“Devorame otra vez, devorame otra vez…”

Candi, the sweat now pooling in her breasts, approaches her cell. She cautiously picks it up off the floor with clammy hands. The song stops. The phone beeps. Swipe up. 

J: Hey you. 

“J,” she whispers. 

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romance novel excerpt from a Dominican romance writer



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