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How to Break Up According to Their Zodiac Sign

Breaking up is hard to do! No matter who’s doing the dumping or why you choose to leave a relationship, it’s a sticky situation that many don’t want to confront. If you’re ballsy enough to end your relationship but are struggling with the approach, astrologist Danielle Mercurio makes it easier. Here’s break up advice according to their astrological sign: 

Break Up Advice Based on Astrology

Aries (Mar 21st-Apr 20th)

Straight-shooting firecrackers, Aries don’t take too kindly to excessive excuses. “Whether breaking up in person or via text, it’s likely your former Aries mate will be dismissive and not want to talk further,” said Danielle. So, “don’t try to justify or coddle the situation. They move on fast and don’t want to waste any more time than need be.” 

Taurus (Apr 21st-May 20th)

The bull is all about fairness, logic, and practicality. That’s why t’s important to “keep it real when expressing why the relationship isn’t working out,” Mercurio suggested. “They may not be happy about it; however, they won’t judge or resent you.” 

Gemini (May 21st-Jun 20th)

The twins are persuasive. That’s why you must be level-headed when you end the relationship. “Gemini is a great negotiator,” said Danielle, “make sure you say your piece and then move on.” Or they may reel you back in with their convincing charm. 

Cancer (Jun 21st-Jul 22nd)

Oh, how the sensitive crab will hurt after a breakup! Prepare yourself for their tears and even potential pleas to make the relationship work. “Be strong and cut ties as best you can as it’s likely they will resurface via text,” added Mercurio. 

Leo (Jul 23rd-Aug 22nd)

When breaking it off with a Leo you might need liquid courage. It really is that hard to break up with the King of the zodiac! “Best approach is to be direct and honest,” Danielle encouraged. “The lion’s heart may bruise easily, however, they want to know why the breakup is occurring so they can benefit in future relationships.” 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22nd)

A Virgo may feel shocked that you’re ending their love affair. That’s because they love nurturing others, “and when that is threatened they feel completely off their game,” Danielle explained. “Let them know how much you appreciated all the good things they did for you and be clear about why you need to move on.”

Libra (Sep 23rd-Oct 22nd)

When breaking it off with a Libra, be rational. “They like hearing all sides of the situation and don’t want to hear why it’s all their fault it didn’t work,” Mercurio pointed out. If you take a balanced approach, you may even remain friends.  

Scorpio (Oct 23rd-Nov 21st)

The seductive PI of the zodiac, you shouldn’t do anything shady to break off the relationship with a Scorpio. “They can see through your lies and track what you’ve been up to,” Danielle warned. Best break up advice for Scorpio: don’t let the lure of sex entice you back into their arms. Or you’ll never get out! 

Sagittarius (Nov 22nd-Dec 21st)

Ending things with adventurous and spontaneous Sag outside is the best break up advice. You can speak with them at park or when on a neighborhood stroll. “They want you to be real with them. If done so, they’re likely be no hard feelings and they’ll want the best for you.” 

Capricorn (Dec 22nd-Jan 19th)

The often guarded Capi may put up a fight when you try to break it off. So, Danielle’s break up advice is to “stand your ground and share how much you’ve enjoyed the relationship and what they taught you.” Also, “let them know it is not personal. And do not do it over text or email — or you’ll be sorry!”  

Aquarius (Jan 20th-Feb 18th)

Aquarius’ will want concrete reasons why you’re calling it off; “it’s not working,” won’t cut it. “They have a constant need to understand why, so be prepared to answer all the ins and outs of why the relationship isn’t working out.”

Pisces (Feb 19th-Mar 20th)

To tame the empathetic and sensitive fish, “suggest that it’s okay to open up and share how they feel as it will help you both in the long run to have a real conversation about why it’s time to part ways.” Just don’t be surprised if they hold on to that teddy bear you gave them. Let them have it so they’re not sobbing over your voicemail days later.



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