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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m Sujeiry, a Dominican Storyteller and Romance Writing Momma with 14 years of freelance writing experience. Many of you know me simply as Love Sujeiry, a brand that I created and catapulted thanks to consistency, diligence and brand strategy.

If you’ve followed my career trajectory from the very beginning (that’s since 2006) you may have noticed a few changes along the way. Although I stuck to my brand of Latina relationship expert for quite some time, I also played with others roles, like relationship coach, career coach, radio show host, TV personality, Reality TV star, website designer, and yes, even social media manager. Just drop me in the bucket of what seems like millions of SMM’s.

Dominican storyteller
Sujeiry on set of her radio show, Love Sujeiry on SiriusXM. (2015)

Whenever my direction shifted (albeit temporarily) I plowed ahead. The first step? A redesigned website that revealed my brand revamp to the world. I’ve probably redesigned this very website about12 times since first launching it in March 2010.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 000.69 times a year. (Or maybe not. FYI: I suck at math.)

Don’t Blame it on ‘the Gram

I can blame Instagram, social conformity, and “Oooh! Look at that shiny template!” syndrome. The ‘Gram can be a dangerous place. Often I felt green with envy when met with a pastel color preset and perfectly curated feeds. And I don’t even like pastels!

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Although these picture-perfect feeds did cause many mini identity crises,’ the Gram isn’t fully at fault. My constant change of direction stemmed from a fear of failure. I struggled to commit because, what if being a full-time writer didn’t pan out? Putting all my eggs in one career basket no matter how much my heart yearns for it felt so uncertain. And so I distracted myself. Because I know how to do tech shit (see: web design and spy) I emulated websites that I coveted and presented my new blog to the world with a, “It’s a brand new me! The artist formerly known as…”

I Chased and Exhausted Myself

Let me tell you: chasing multiple dreams all at once due to fear only leads to wasted energy and stagnation. I ran in circles literally and mentally. I started and stopped projects. I left clients in the lurch. I shut down this very blog for over a year and stopped posting on Instagram. And yes, I redesigned this website again and again, spending hours on design and those damn aesthetics. #willIeverlearn

This is all a distraction. I know that now. And although I once again redesigned this website, I stopped myself from going in too deep. I was at the brink of creating a website from scratch. I was again focusing on what someone else was doing (this time Jenna Kutcher) and thought: yes, I’ll create a website just like hers! That will make me stand out and push my content creation, writing and self love advocate and influencer career forward! Ummm, nope. Aesthetics don’t make or break a career. Hard work or a lack of focus does.

This is a Pattern

I’ve lacked focus for years, so much so that I wondered if I had ADD. (I know it’s just fear, y’all.) I’ve also had a bad habit of giving up on myself.

Instead of studying journalism in college, I studied Communications. (The easy way out.) Instead of applying for staff writing jobs, I decided to freelance. (The less committal way out.) Instead of attempting to get an agent to help publish my book, Love Trips, I self published. (The less rejection way out.)

Latinx romance writer
Sujeiry self-published her first, book, Love Trips in 2009 and again in 2019. Available on Amazon.

And then I created Love Sujeiry: a salacious, sassy Latina that dished on sex. (The what’s expected way out.)

As a Latina, I knew it would provide me with opportunities. I saw a void in the market and created a platform for myself, branding myself as the go-to chica for all things love and sex. Especially sex. This shift – from freelance writer to Latina relationship expert – catapulted my career. It was a blast, yes, and pumping the volume on that side of me provided me with amazing opportunities. Plus, I have a knack for entertaining on-air and writing about relationships. I was also playing a role that ultimately felt inauthentic.

I Am a Dominican Storyteller

So, allow me to reintroduce myself: I’m Sujeiry and I’m a Dominican Storyteller. I desire to author romance novels and tell relationship stories for a living. I’ve had this very dream (I wanted to write a book ala Sweet Valley High about two Dominican sisters, ahum, my life) since the age 12.

The former Love Sujeiry had an amazing run. Now as a Dominican Storyteller that still goes by Love Sujeiry (find me on ‘the ‘Gram!) I can focus on a new creative direction. After 10 years of blogging and vlogging for clicks, I’ve decided to write from an authentic soul place. I’ve stopped chasing trends and writing about dick size and sex toys (for the most part) or how to rekindle a flame with an ex, and I’m creating content that inspires Latinas to love themselves and grow as entrepreneurs and/or mompreneuers.

New Old Me, Who Dis?

So, yea, this is a new web design. (That’s 13 times now, but who’s counting?) Stick around to read, listen, and watch some of my fresh and inspiring content on self-love, relationship reflections, and personal development. Don’t be shy and introduce yourself in comments. I just bared my new old soul to ya.



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