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I’ve redesigned my website for a brand revamp about 12 times since launching in March 2010.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 000.69 times per year. (Or maybe not. FYI: I suck at math.) Blame Instagram, social conformity, and “Oooh! Look at that shiny template!” syndrome. All of the above led me to obsessively peruse the ‘gram and stalk influencer profiles.

Filled green with envy over pastel colors and perfectly curated feeds, I convinced myself that my content and aesthetic was pura mierda. And because I know how to do tech shit (see: web design and spy) I found and purchased their templates online and presented my new blog to the world with a, “It’s a brand new me! The artist formerly known as…

Authenticity Matters

Let me tell you: being someone other than yourself is the true meaning of pura mierda. Changing my WordPress theme to fit in with the masses left me lost. At the core my constant need for change was a direct reflection of my fear of failure and a poor self-worth. I struggled with being my authentic self – a Dominican American that wanted to professionally write about her life experiences since the age of 12 – and decided to vamp it up. I created Love Sujeiry, a salacious, sassy Latinx that dished on sex. I dived in and was always in character because it was a blast, it provided me with amazing opportunities, and I had a knack for entertaining on-air and writing about relationships. 

A Brand Revamp

Love Sujeiry had an amazing run. But, like a sitcom that has run its course, I had to end the show and focus on a new creative direction. After 10 years of blogging and vlogging about relationships, I decided to be authentically me. This me. I’ve stopped chasing trends and writing about dick size, sex toys, and how to rekindle a flame with an ex. Instead, I am using my professional gifts to create content that inspires women and instills a desire for change and personal growth both personally and professionally. So, yea, this is a new web design (that’s 13 times now, but who’s counting?) for a new creative and entrepreneurial direction.

New Me, Who Dis?

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Allow me reintroduce myself: My name is Sujeiry, your accountability partner and a reflective storyteller and entertainer formerly known as your go-to chica for all things love. Stick around to read, listen, and watch our fresh and inspiring content on self-love and personal development along with services to help you thrive, evolve, and #getreal accountable. 

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