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What You MUST DO to Boost Blog Page Views

Do you want more eyeballs to peruse your blog? Of course you do! And the answer to boost you blog page views isn’t as technical as you think. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

What Exactly is a Page View?

As per good old Google Analytics, which you should really have installed on your blog (more on that later), a page view is a visit to your website. So, if your BFF visits your blog (let’s say your home page) cause she’s so supportive, she counts as 1 visit aka 1 page view. If said BFF wants to win the BFF of the Year Award, she will go to a different page on your blog, read that content, and then return to the original page she landed on (the home page). That then counts as another visit aka page view. So your BFF gave you 2 visits aka 2 page views. You can give her that trophy now.

Why Do Page Views Matter?

Page views are essential for monetization, especially if you run ads on your blog, of if you’re goal is to be a brand ambassador or make money creating sponsored posts for brands. I dish on this and how to monetize your content on my Blogging Basics Course, so check it out below. (Be sure to click on the image!)

Page views also help you gauge what your viewers are reading. The more a blog post generates page views the higher the indication that it’s a hot topic. And you want to write about hot topics a lot more to boost blog page views.

Boost Blog Page Views with

This is the first tip: switch your Content Management System (CMS) to That means abandon ship on WIX, Weebly, Blogger, and Unless you don’t want to get serious about monetizing your content, your brand, and/or your product or service. Why the switch? Because The WordPress CMS allows users to add tools to solidify their SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. And a strong SEO game = Google finds ya = yaaaaass! Ahum, and the tools are also FREE!

Use an SEO Plugin

An SEO Plugin (I recommend Yoast for is a tool that sets your keywords (topics) for each page and blog posts on your website – including your homepage! That means you can target specific  topics to drive traffic from Google.

For example, let’s say you sell “handmade vegan leather clutches” and want people that Google “handmade vegan leather clutches” to land on your website to purchase your product. You can set that specific keyword phrase (handmade vegan leather clutches) to your blogs and pages! Will you sell? All depends on your website copy and your website design. It all ties together, folks!

Again, the plugin is FREE!

And finally, there’s your blog’s design!

Yes, your website design matters just as much as your SEO game. Think about it: when you go to a website with a janky theme (and by janky, I mean the text is too small, there isn’t a consistent design or a design at all, and the layout is organized, so…Amateur Hour!) what do you do? You bounce – even if you just won the BFF of the Year Award. So, imagine a stranger stumbling onto your blog thanks to Google, and your design is so off-putting they click out as quickly as they clicked on. NO BUENO!

If you’re shaking in your boots, I can help you launch your website on with a beautiful, cost-effective, and on-brand design.

Move over BFF, I’m moving in!




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