My Blog Launched My Career on Radio

“I began blogging in 2005 and build a brand that led to a show on SiriusXM, brand sponsorships, and a career as a freelance writer.” 

Hey! It's Sujeiry!

Hey, hey, hey! It’s your girl, Sujeiry, a storyteller, former SiriusXM host, and blogging coach. Based in Long Island, NY, I was raised in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in upper Manhattan, and Lawrence, MA, a small town outside of Boston. I'm obsessed with astrology (Aries sun, Capricorn rising here!), reality TV (90 Day Fiance anyone?), karaoke (I beg you to challenge me to Rihanna's "Umbrella!), and my toddler boy, Evan. 

Similarly, I adore helping women thrive online whether it's with online blogging courses or as your blogging coach. As someone that once felt alone throughout this blogging journey, I know how essential it is to connect with a community of women bloggers, and to create a solid plan before you start a blog.  

I am super excited to utilize my 15 years of expertise and real-life blogging experience to help you create and grow a money making blog. The time is now!


  • Learn how to choose your blog niche and/or revamp your blog niche to make money online
  • Create an editorial calendar to keep you focused, stress free, and on track to monetize your blog
  • Set up and/or revamp your blog with SEO to ensure you get the clicks you need to monetize your blog
  • Get all this for FREE!

It All Started With a Breakup

After my ex, Elijah, broke my heart into smithereens, I started a blog to heal and share my story. That was in 2015; the Wild Wild Wild of Blogging.  I thought nothing of SEO or HTML or content strategy. I wanted to write. I wanted to entertain an audience with my humorous writing. I wanted to engage women. And so I got on Blogger and launched my relationship blog, posting one lonely story every Wednesday. 

At the time I was enrolled in a graduate program for writing and I hadn't a clue what would be of my life after graduation. I had big dreams of becoming a published author and an entertainer. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that my blog would catapult me into the limelight - and make me some serious bank.


Once graduating I decided to become a professional blogger. My goal: monetize my blog. My issue: I had no ideas what I was doing. The blogeshere was brand spanking new, neither mom bloggers nor fashionistas knew how to make consistent money while blogging.  Still, my mind was set. I was on a mission, dammit! With some trial and error, many hours online researching SEO strategy and Wordpress plugins, and reading article after article on best practices for content and mastering ye old Google, I finally cracked the code. 

In 2010, I began working as a full-time blogger. In 2013, I developed my brand enough to land a weekly guest radio spot on FM radio in Los Angeles. In 2015, I hosted my own radio show on SiriusXM. And it all began with a blog. 

Now I am focused on being your blogging coach to help you grow your online presence, and ultimately, to create a money making blog. Whether you're goal is to make residual income or you desire to work from home (or on the beach!), I can help you attain your blogging dreams. And when you're there, I expect to partake in a karaoke battle that even the entertainment blogs will cover.