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Ain’t no man ever chased me down an airport to profess his love. So much for fairytale love! And other ways romcoms lie to us.

9 Lies Romcoms Tell Us About Fairytale Love

feeling overwhelmed by work

I hear an internal monologue. I ask myself, am I capable? If you can relate, read how to overcome this narrative.

Am I Capable? How to Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed

intuitive decision making

There I was, a week into the job, realizing that I made the wrong choice. If you relate, learn how to make intuitive-based decisions.

How to Make Intuitive Based Decisions

Dating short men

Call me an equal opportunity lover, but Napoleon-statured men need love too! Here are six reasons to date a short guy.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Short Men

bad sex moves

Sit your man down (and if you’re a man, read on) and share the 7 bad sex moves he should put to bed.

7 Bad Sex Moves to Put to Bed

losing your identity in a relationship

Although women have become a lot more independent. we still give of ourselves despite ourselves in relationships. Here’s how to turn it around and regain your identity

How to Stop Losing Your Identity in a Relationship

grand romantic gestures

How can you show your love to your significant other? With grand romantic gestures. These are some amazing things people did for love.

Grand Romantic Gestures! Things People Did for Love

shahs of sunset reza and mj

The Shah’s of Sunset throw a not-so-friendly Friendsgiving. Do they succeed at making amends before passing the turkey leg?

Shahs of Sunset Recap: Friendsgiving Disaster

love island recap

Ah, the sound of the Love Island announcer gives me tingles down there. I want some Matthew Hoffman! And you want my first Love Island recap!

Love Island Recap S2: The First Coupling

best zodiac sign dates

Whether you’re dating an Aries or Pisces, astrologist, Danielle Mercurio, shares dating advice on the best zodiac sign dates for each sign.

The Best Dates for Your Astrological Sign

better sex tips

A study says 43 percent of men love doggy style while women feel it lacks intimacy. Here are better sex tips to make it a lot more romantic.

6 Ways to Make Doggy Style Romantic

break up advice

If you’re ballsy enough to end your relationship but are struggling with the approach, astrologist Danielle Mercurio shares break up advice according to their astrological sign.

How to Break Up According to Their Zodiac Sign