So you want to know how to start a personal brand. Well, you’re in luck cause I’m a personal branding pro! If you’re a newbie womempreneur, this one’s for you.

How to Start a Personal Brand Online

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Every day I delete over two dozen emails from PR companies with invites to review beauty items, become an affiliate for an online boutique, interview an actress or an author, and to share an expert’s insight on relationships, sex, or self-love. It’s annoying as fuck, even if I get free products or get paid to […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

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Today proves that my gut instinct was correct. That bitch spoke a minimum of two words to me that night because she desired my man

Candi: Road Kill

blogger stress

I put on my big girl panties (at 42 there a bit larger thanks to my bigger buns and mid life curves) and wrote a book proposal. Here’s how you can too.

I Did a Big Thing! A Book Proposal

sign from god

Two years ago today I made a decision that changed the trajectory of my life. As I drove to work on a cool November morning, I listened to a preaching by T.D. Jakes and said, “God, please show me the way.”

The Text That Lit Me Up

that bitch

They are face to face now. Her eyes are full of agony and she yells, “How long have you been fucking THAT BITCH?!”

Candi: Like Any Other Day

“Hey, I’m Jay,” he greeted, meeting her at the front desk. He tried to keep his eyes off of her enormous breasts and beautifully rounded hips. He held her gaze to avoid looking at her thin lips, they were covered in a bright fuchsia. What he would give to be slathered in pink.

Jay: Hey You

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Nothing quiet says self-love like setting boundaries. On this episode of Self-Love Served Raw, my self-love podcast where I share my self-love journey and self-love tips, I dish on how to set boundaries in relationships. Plus, the benefits of setting boundaries.

How to Set Boundaries in Relationships

The therapist waited for Candi and John to provide an answer. Candi looked at John and nodded, giving him the go ahead to speak first – and for her. It was a bad habit she adopted while being with John, she often felt like her voice wasn’t as important.

Candi: Couples Therapy

Dominican romance writer

The phone sings in her hand. Candi jumps, dropping her smartphone in the process. She hadn’t heard that special ring – an 80’s salsa song – in three years.

Candi: Dripping


Love Trips is like Sex and the City only with Catholic guilt.



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