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7 Tips for Better Summer Sex

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and folks are working on their bod. That can mean only one thing: summer is near! And we can’t wait to strip off our cable knit sweaters and don summer dresses to keep cool and get some summer lovin.’

There’s something about summer that’s sexy AF and brings all the flings to the yard. To help you on this sexual journey, Dr. Spar, an integrative men’s health expert and the National Medical Director of Vault Health, breaks down healthy habits and practices to have better summer sex.

Stop eating sugar.

Ok, maybe not all together, but just cut back! Too much sugar can lower testosterone and “create a resistance to leptin.” Leptin is a hormone that helps with sexual functioning. Also, too much sugar reduces the hormones that increase libido.

Melatonin helps us sleep, but did you know it also enhances libido? To increase melatonin, you can take Melatonin pills, go out in the sun and keep your bedroom darker at night, keep hydrated with water, exercise, lower stress, quiet your mind with meditation, and smell lavender!

Boost melatonin levels.

Sleep! Sleep helps you feel better overall and feeling rested gives you the energy you need for summer sex. When you sleep enough, you also support “a healthy testosterone level – and, by association, better sexual performance,” explains Dr. Spar.

Practice breathwork.

When we meditate and work on our breath, we reduce anxiety, which according to Dr. Spar, can cause erectile dysfunction. “Roughly 57% of married men surveyed said that their partner can tell if they are stressed based on their sexual performance, and there’s a good reason for this. Chronic stress is murder on your libido, testosterone levels, and can even cause erectile dysfunction.” Take 10 minutes a day to meditate and focus on your breath.

Do Kegel exercises.

Both men and women have pelvic floor muscles, and Kegels can increase orgasms and improve erection strength.

How do you kegel? “Try stopping the flow of urine when you’re peeing. Those are your pelvic floor muscles.” You can also do Kegels when sitting during your workday. “Hold for five seconds, then release and rest five seconds. Repeat 10 times, up to three times a day.”

Stretch those limbs.

And you’ll be bendy AF! Try yoga to increase flexibility and have better summer sex. According to Dr. Spar, “tension in the body has the potential to affect your libido, and stretching “improves your stamina for sex.” So make sure to stretch daily to have amazing sex.

Get some fresh air.

Vitamin D enhances our mood and balances our hormone levels, which is beneficial for our libidos. Instead of spending all day indoors this summer, take a walk and get some sun on your skin. It will do your body and sex life good.

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