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7 Bad Sex Moves to Put to Bed

We all want to be great at sex. We all wish for our sexual partner(s) to brag about our sexual prowess. But sometimes, we do such in bed. And men? They can get so busy measuring their penises and hitting their own spot that they forget about our needs. What do you do then. Do you may mention his bad sex moves and bruise his ego (it happens!)? Why, yes. Because communicating with your lover is the best way to have great sex.

So sit your man down (if you’re a man, read on) and share these bad sex moves that he should put to bed.

7 Bad Sex Moves to Put to Bed

Banging Like a Porn Star

A man is often introduced to sex through porn, which is why some men think women want to be banged like a hole in the wall. Nah bro! Some women like it rough, but there’s layers to this sex thing. Ease it in, ramp it up, slow it down, ramp it up again! Just stop with the Wham Bam Thank You Mam bad sex moves!

Twisting Off Nipples

An erogenous zone, nipples are the perfect place to begin foreplay. Start off by licking them softy and then pick up your tongue’s pace. Just don’t pinch them. It makes us howl from pain, not pleasure. So please stop trying to twist them off our breasts.

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Bad Sex Moves Include Bite Marks

A little nibbling is great, but please don’t sink your teeth into our thighs – or any flesh for that matter. It hurts. It leaves bruises and marks. It isn’t sexy!

Did You Come Yet?

You’re moaning. You’re so turned on, your vagina is on fire. So close! So close! Then dude whispers, “Did you come yet?” And there goes your orgasm. Most counterproductive sex move ever. 

Bad Sex Moves Definitely Include Shoving Our Face Down There 

Please stop shoving our face in your crotch. It’s aggressive and a turn off, especially if there’s no foreplay and you expect us to give you a BJ. Even more so if you shove our face down there repeatedly. 

That Earnest Look

When a man is into us it feels so good. When a man licks our vajayjay and looks up earnestly, he looks like a puppy dog seeking approval. Good boy! Now wipe that dumb look off your face and get back to work! 

Wearing Socks

This isn’t a bad sex move, but it’s a bad look. Cause socks should stay off during sex. I don’t care how cold you are. Take off those stinky calcentines and warm up your feet in between the sheets.

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