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Hook up culture is leading to a loss of intimacy in relationships. We’re walking around like zombies after one-night stands and fleeting sex.

Is Hookup Culture Keeping Us Single?

latina writers life

A Latina writers life consists of God’s timing, doubting my ability to succeed, and elephant butts that face doors for good fortune.

When Magical Things Start Brewing

creative energy

Why do I struggle with staying put at a 9-5? Why do I always feel the grass will be greener on the other side? Because I have Uranus in the 10th house in my natal chart.

What it Means to Have Uranus in 10th House (Natal Chart)

angelic woman in water

Mormon soaking entails entering a penis inside a vagina sans motion in the ocean. So, a guy puts it in and just rests while his penis is inside of you. Like a sleepy dick taking a little dick siesta.

Mormon Soaking: How to Get It In Without Getting It On

abandonment issues

I didn’t realize then that this was a pivotal moment that changed me forever. My father leaving left me with a deep-seated fear of abandonment and abandonment issues. 

How I Overcame My Abandonment Issues

sex and the city character

I wasn’t seductive, like Harper; my version of sexy was less sultry lioness and more graceless baby horse.

My Very Warped Version of a Sex and the City Character

He then proceeds to text me 9 photos of himself and his children. My body tenses. My gut feeling whispers, “You see? I was right! He is too intense. Abort mission!”

Following Your Gut Feeling When Dating

manifesting generator

A Manifesting Generator is an archetype in Human Design. Here I share its meaning and personality traits, and how it’s manifested in my life.

I Am A Proud Manifesting Generator

spice up holiday sex

Holiday season got you stressed? Then deck the halls and get freaky. Spice up holiday sex this holiday season with these sex tips.

5 Ways to Spice Up Holiday Sex

sex positions for a small penis

It is possible to have great sex if he doesn’t have a large member. Here are the best sex position for a small penis to get you started.

8 Positions to Enhance Sex When He Has a Small Penis

go wise usa air fryer review

We’re making chicken wings with the Go Wise USA Air Fryer! Here’s my review and quick tutorial on how to use this air fryer.

Go Wise USA Air Fryer Chicken Wings

manifestation techniques

Do you desire to monetize your Creative skills? Here are manifestation techniques that you can implement to become a Creative Entrepreneur.

3 Manifestation Techniques for Creative Entrepreneurs