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obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

She wasn’t the real me, who took pride in herself and her appearance. I wanted the real Jeanine to return. I knew I had to do something big to change my path: bariatric surgery. 

I Weighed 257 Pounds

always single girl

It’s bad enough that father and someone’s drunk uncle are my only dance partners at weddings and family gatherings. God bless them, really.

Being The Always Single Girl Is Awkward AF

my love life sucks

I learned to read tarot cards and tried predicting my love life, but just like a doctor can’t operate on himself, I can’t tap into my own future.

My Love Life Sucks So I Got a Psychic Reading

mixed signals

In today’s world of dating, you can consider yourself lucky if a man responds to a text, and even luckier if he communicates his true feelings. “I hit the jackpot this time,” I share with friends confidently, “no doubt, this guy actually likes me!” Then, days go by without a word. And I mean zip, […]

Men Speak Out About Mixed Signals