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Ask Sujeiry: Why Do I Always Attract Bad Boys?


Ask Sujeiry: Why Do I Always Attract Bad Boys?

Some women love bad boys, but why? Some relationship advice so you can learn to follow your intuition and get to the bottom of your love of men who play games.

Tom HardyRemember: women set the tone; men set the pace.

Dear Sujeiry,

Every guy I’ve ever dated has treated me badly, plays hard to get, and is not good for me. I don’t know why they keep asking me out and why men can’t be honest about what they want. They play so many games. I don’t know what I should do. I’m so sick of this; I don’t feel like dating at all. I feel like I’m getting bitter. I may forget all about men and stay single for good. What do you think I should do to get men to treat me better? Why do I always end up with the bad boys?


Sick of the Bad Boys

Dear Sick of the Bad Boys,

I will start with something that I say time and again: women set the tone; men set the pace. What that means is quite simple; a man will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. A man also leads the relationship and how fast and/or slow it goes.

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What can you do? Discover why you keep attracting men who treat you like crap. Do you not think you’re worthy of love and respect? Do you only see a man’s potential and ignore the red flags that indicate he isn’t good enough for you? That he isn’t ready? You may feel that they are at fault but you also have to take responsibility. You say “yes” to these kind of men. They ask you out and you accept their invitation. You let them in your life and love them and accept their bad behavior. Why?

These are the questions you must ask yourself. Also, I think it may me a good idea to take a break from dating until you know why you choose the men that you do. Once you reflect, you’ll note the warning signs while dating. You will make decisions based on intuition, not fear, need or potential.

Love strongly and wisely,


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