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People Treat Ya the Way You Let ‘Em Treat Ya…

Young couple in love and respect


People Treat Ya the Way You Let ‘Em Treat Ya…

People Treat Ya the Way You Let ‘Em Treat Ya…

In relationships you receive respect and love when you expect respect and love.

Free your mind with this: people treat ya the way you let ’em treat ya…

You’ve heard this saying before. Maybe not in these exact words, but ya’ll know I like to add a twist to thangs.  I also want you to know that in relationships you receive respect and love when you expect respect and love. When you speak it into existence and say, “Yeah, that’s how I like you to treat me,” or “Nah, that ain’t going to fly.” 

It all comes down to that one thang I’m always writing about and yapping about on my podcast: your worth. When you have poor self-worth, your bae most likely won’t see your worth or value in said relationship. I’m still learning this quid-pro-quo ish, I’m often being tested. Because of my growth and understanding that people treat me the way I let’ em treat me, I refuse to walk on egg shelves as to not rock the boat. And I’m learning to speak up regardless of how I feel and how Boo will feel as a consequence of my feelings and thoughts. For a while there, I only expressed my feelings when hurt, and I often expressed those feelings with tears. It was difficult to truly stand my ground, which in turn, led to things being left unsaid. Instead, I suppressed whatever I felt within – or complained about it to my girlfriends.

Sex and the City Girls

If you’re reading this and are asking, how in the hell do I turn it around? By standing up for yourself. Whether you fear losing that relationship, being ghosted, getting rejected, or not knowing what comes next, you cannot expect change unless you change your behavior. In order to change a relationship dynamic, you have to change what you bring to that dynamic. The only way to change anything (not anyone – that’s a losing game) is by stating your needs and what needs to shift. Si no, you’ll continue battling the same demons.

That’s where you start. I guide you with the rest in my e-course, Attain That Good Love. It’s on sale for only $20. (Happy 4th of July!) Trust me, discovering what your values are and what you need in a partnership – and then asking for it – is freeing. No matter what the outcome, standing up for your needs is essential. Don’t let anyone tell your differently – especially not your own damn self.

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