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Ask Sujeiry: Text Confusion

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Ask Sujeiry: Text Confusion

Dear Sujeiry,

I went on a date with a guy recently but when we first met we started texting and calling each other a lot. Then we decided to go out on a date. He asked me to come and see him early in the day because he didn’t want me riding the train home late at night. He showed that he was interested in me. He showered me with lots of affection, hugs and kisses. He even offered to pay for a hotel room for me to stay in and he would go home. He said it made him feel better that I was safe than to have me ride the train late at night. I politely declined his offer.

We both shared our life experiences, career goals. He talked to me about wanting to settle down. You name it we talked about it. We just clicked instantly. We have so much in common it’s scary. He’s a great guy, very intelligent and he knew how to carry on a stimulating conversation. I really think we clicked but I don’t know what happened. He said if I call or text him and he doesn’t get right back to me, not to panic because it’s just that he’s busy. When he walked me to the train he told me he wanted to see me again the next Friday; he kissed me and told me to call him when I get home. I agreed. I text him again the following day and he text me back. I’ve been texting him but now he’ll either answer or not answer, I just never know.

I have also noticed something else. If I decide to call instead of text it’s like I’m bothering him because he’s very moody. So I stopped calling and texting him. 3 days after our first date he text me this is the exact text:

HIM: Hey you.
Me: Hi papi
HIM: Hey.
Me: What are you up to?
HIM: Here working.
Me: OK sweetness..
HIM: 555-555-5555 this is my new number starting tomorrow
Me: OK I’ll save it in my contacts.
HIM: tomorrow you can delete the old number
Me: I said ok (and never questioned why he changed his number)
HIM: Aight.

And we left it at that. Why does he get so moody when I call or either text him? If he weren’t interested would he have gone out of his way to text me his new number? HEELLP! I’m so confused.  What should I do Jeiry & Gonzo?

Text Confusion

Dear Text Confusion,

I think you are over thinking and over analyzing this entire situation!  It’s a typical woman thing to do especially when we really like someone, but you must breathe and let things flow! You went out on a Friday and then the Monday you text him. It seems you pretty much expected him to call you immediately after your date and since he didn’t you assumed he wasn’t interested. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. It was only 3 days after the date! Maybe you didn’t give him a chance to contact you because you grew impatient and needed the reassurance.  He may have called you and you beat him to it.

I am a firm believe that women should let me pursue them a little, especially in the beginning of a relationship. You can’t undo what you did, and that’s okay. It’s not like you stalked him at his workplace! But from here on out let him come to you. You’ve put it out there that you are interested and you want to develop this relationship and see where it goes. If not through your words through your actions. So just sit back, think positive and let things flourish. If he doesn’t contact you at all then you have your answer. No need to text him again or call him to “check” his number. Bringing that drama and uncertainty into your heart and life only develops more drama and uncertainty. So be a good girl, relax and let it flow!

Love strongly and wisely,

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