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Ask Sujeiry: How To Tell Him His Sex Moans Turns Me Off?

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Ask Sujeiry: How To Tell Him His Sex Moans Turns Me Off?

A woman isn’t into her man’s sex noises and screams. Some relationship advice on how to tell him that his sex moans turn you off. That is if you should at all.

Dear Sujeiry,

I just started seeing this guy and he treats me so well. We have a good time together and he is just so sweet to me. I’ve never been treated this nicely by any man and I am so grateful to have met him. But there’s a problem. We just started having sex and he does this thing when he is really turned on that turns me off. He…screams like a bitch.

It may seem like a silly thing but when he’s screaming like that I lose my shit. I could be close and he moans like a girl and my orgasm runs away because it has been spooked away! What do I do? I feel terrible saying something but I want to feel like I am with a manly man. They are my weakness. But he is so great in every other way! Please give me some of your awesome and real relationship advice! I am a loyal fan. Thanks!


He Orgasms Like a Girl

Dear He Orgasms Like a Girl,

First off, I have to admit that your email made me laugh out loud! I know, I know. How dare I?! This is your vagina’s happiness we are talking about. And happy she should be.

So here is my get real relationship advice: get real! It seems like you are nitpicking at this thing because you are used to the shit hitting the fan in relationships. You’ve never been in a healthy love affair – you pretty much summed that up – so maybe you are self-sabotaging?

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Regardless of the reasons, you cannot tell him what to do when he is turned on. He needs to do him and that includes expressing pleasure in the manner that comes natural to him. How terrible would you feel if he told you to stop moaning like you moan? Very.

So, let it go. Learn to deal with it. Convince your lady parts that how he screams is sexy. Because sex and orgasms (or lack there of) are really is all in the mind. In this arena, the best bet is to focus on your pleasure and shut off your brain. Or maybe you just need to start screaming louder than him. You can also take his screaming as a compliment. You may just be doing something right!



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