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Ask Sujeiry: Should I Move Cross Country for Online Love?

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Ask Sujeiry: Should I Move Cross Country for Online Love?

Relationship advice for a girl in love who is moving cross country for a man she met online.

Dear Sujeiry,

I met this guy online but before you say anything this is not a “Catfish” situation. We’ve talked over Skype and Facetime so he is real! We have not met because he lives in Los Angeles and I live in Miami. The distance is what scares me.

I don’t have much relationship experience and this is my first long distance relationship. We’ve talked about me going out there.  I’m finishing a semester at FIU and I’m thinking of going to UCLA for a semester through my school. It’s a huge move but I feel it will help us get to know each other more. My school will help set me up with a host family so I will not be staying with him. 

So my relationship advice is should I act on my feelings and go to LA for the semester? 


Moving Temporarily for Love


Dear Moving Temporarily for Love,

I know how difficult it is to be in a long distance relationship. At the time I was in NYC and my now ex lived in Las Vegas. Difference is we had already met. We went on a blind date and spend some time together before we made it official. Once we did I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to him and to pursue my career in radio and television.

Your situation is a bit more risky. Honestly, you are going away for a semester to be with him not to study in UCLA. Yes, you will be there in college but he is your motivation not the experience. Should you go? Only if you will enjoy the experience no matter what happens between you and this guy.

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I would never discourage you or anyone else to ignore your heart. Our intuition, honesty, communication, and compromise are key elements to a healthy relationship. Just make sure this man is worth it and that he is meeting you half way. If you do decide to go to UCLA next semester, focus on your education, explore a new city, meet new people, and enjoy LA’s gorgeous weather. If things work out between you and your online guy, it will be the icing on an already delicious cake. If not, at least you still have cake.




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