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Ask Sujeiry: How Do I Get More Quality Time in My Relationship?

Ask Sujeiry: How Do I Get More Quality Time in My Relationship?


Ask Sujeiry: How Do I Get More Quality Time in My Relationship?

Relationship advice for a woman who wants more quality time from her man. How can she get the desired quality over quantity? Read Sujeiry’s tips.

Bad DateQuality time builds intimacy in relationships.Dear Sujeiry,

My husband and I have a great relationship except one thing – he doesn’t give me enough attention! He says he does just cause we spend most days together but I don’t see it that way. Just cause he’s present doesn’t mean he’s present, you know? He’s always on his phone. He’s always watching sports. I want quality time. I want him present in mind and heart not just body. What do you suggest I do?


Quality Over Quantity


Dear Quality Over Quantity,

I hear you and I agree – you need quality time! It’s really easy to forget to spend real time together in relationships. Many couples struggle with this issue. Often times the longer you are with someone the more you take that time for granted.

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So, what can you do? Explain that you’re not being needy (I’m sure he thinks you are) but that you are asking for one-on-one couple time. Just you and him without distractions. To convince him to open up to the experience, ask him what things he wants to do together. Tell him to think about something you’ve never done together and be open to it as well. You can suggest one thing also.

This can be an exercise you do together once a month. Start slow. Choose one day a month to do an activity together where you can reconnect. If he’s resistant, do his activity first. Eventually, the intimacy will grow. He won’t only see an improvement in you but also in your relationship. Cause a happy wife is a happy life.

Love strongly and wisely,


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