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Ask Sujeiry: My Man Hates Makeup. Should I Stop Wearing It?

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Ask Sujeiry: My Man Hates Makeup. Should I Stop Wearing It?

Your bae hates your makeup habit. Do you put down the brush or put him out?

Many women are surprised to learn that men like the natural look. They want women to put away their makeup briefcase and show their face in order to wake up to the girl they fell in love with – not some other version of her. You know, the one with all that cake, cake, cake, cake.

Also, when women always wear makeup around a man, he often feels bamboozled, like their chica misrepresented herself by wearing fake lashes and 2 pounds of foundation. Those poor fellas don’t know what hit ’em when they realize her cheekbones aren’t really that high and her nose isn’t really that defined. It’s called countering, muchachos. It messes with us all. 

But, what if you’re a makeup addict? Ala Kim Kardashian, you can’t leave your home without putting on your face. Your man should love you despite your obsession, right? I dish on this on this week’s “Ask Sujeiry.” Here is here question:

Dear Sujeiry,

I love wearing makeup but my bake likes the natural look. How do I find a balance between my love for makeup and pleasing him?

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Watch the video to hear my answer! And, if you have a relationship or dating question for me, send it along here!

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