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Ask Sujeiry: Why Does He Refuse to Be Naked During Sex?

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Ask Sujeiry: Why Does He Refuse to Be Naked During Sex?

A woman asks Sujeiry for relationship advice after wondering why her man refuses to be naked during sex. Why does he keep his T-shirt on? The advice follows.

Dear Sujeiry,

My guy and I have only been together for three months. Things are going great. I really care about him but there’s this weird thing that happens when we have sex. He doesn’t want to take off his T-shirt. I try to take it off and he immediately pulls it back on. It can be 90 degrees inside his bedroom and he still keeps it on!

I asked him about it and he tells me it’s nothing. I know he’s lying. We’ve never showered together either so there’s something going on. Like, I’ve never seen his chest. He’s not overweight, so what do you think it is?


Bare Embarrassment

Dear Bare Embarrassment,

Um, yeah, there’s something going on! With his upper body! You say he is not overweight but he may have a gut or chichos (love handles) that he’s embarrassed by. Or maybe a scar he hasn’t told you about? Or a weird patch of hair?

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I can relate. An ex-boyfriend of mine long ago did the same thing. His issue was his gut. He wasn’t overweight by any means but he had a beer belly.

Bottom line, men can be just as insecure about their bodies as women. Men just don’t talk about it. So, how do you handle this? I think you need to really talk to him about the issue. Ask what’s wrong again, and not in the throes of passion. My ex-boyfriend told me the deal after I spoke to him in a loving way, not a judgmental way. I also made sure that I told him that I found him incredibly attractive often so he didn’t feel as insecure.

Just put yourself in his shoes. I’m sure there has been a time in your life when you haven’t felt your best. We all have! What did you need to feel better? When I’m not feeling too hot to trot, I personally need reassurance, affection, and compliments. Go at it in this manner and maybe next time your sexing him he’ll rip off his T-shirt.

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