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Ask Sujeiry: Is It Okay to Be Friends with My Exes Mom?

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Ask Sujeiry: Is It Okay to Be Friends with My Exes Mom?

Your exes mom is your BFF! My advice on this complicated familial situation.

Dear Sujeiry,

My ex and I were together for six years and I became really close with his mom. We broke up three months ago but I am still cool with his mom. We go our to lunch and always talk on the phone.

My ex is upset about it and wants me to leave his mom alone but she’s like a mother figure to me. I think it’s unfair for my ex to expect me to just stop contacting her and hanging out with her just like that.

What should I do? Is it okay to be friends with my exes mom or should I stop the friendship?


The Exes Momma’s Girl


Dear The Exes Mommas Girl,

Well, this is a tough situation. On the one hand, it is weird to be BFF’s with your exes mom, but I get why you just don’t want to cut the chord. From what you express it seems that she fills a void in your life as she is “a mother figure.” I can only assume that you don’t have the best relationship with your own mother.

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Still, that’s not your mom. If his son is uncomfortable with the relationship, his mom should keep her distance, as should you. I don’t know why you two broke up but it feels to me that feelings were hurt – particularly his.

So, should you cut her off completely? Not exactly. Look at Brad Pitts mom; she still has a relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Thing is Angelina Jolie is secure enough in her man, and Brad in her, that it truly doesn’t rock their relationship boat. It may be just too soon. Maybe you just need to give your ex time. Your breakup is recent. He may be more open to you having a relationship with his mom with time and healing. Even still, find a balance. Don’t talk to his mom every day or hang out every weekend. That’s extreme. Call her once and a while when you need a listening ear or advice. Just remember that’s his mom, not yours.

Love strongly and wisely,


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