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Ask Sujeiry: Why Is She Crying During Sex?

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Ask Sujeiry: Why Is She Crying During Sex?

A man asks Sujeiry for relationship advice and wonders why his wife cries during sex after she has an orgasm. How common is it?

Dear Sujeiry,

I am a white male (gringo) who was married for 7 years to a Puerto Rican woman 11 years younger than me. We had fantastic sex and everything was perfect until she got pregnant and we got married. We ended up having two children very quickly and things got very complicated after that.

She was not really ready to be a Mom at the tender age of twenty so by the time she was 25 she had enough of motherhood. We got divorced and I ended up raising the kids.

That is all pretty standard stuff but I have an issue now that is difficult to replicate in terms of sexual fulfillment. When Lola and I would have sex and she achieved orgasm, she would actually cry real tears when she climaxed. I have to admit it was a very powerful emotional rush and I have not met another woman like her since. Have you heard of woman who burst into tears when achieving orgasm before and how common or uncommon is that?


Seeking Weepy Sex

Dear Seeking Weepy Sex,

I am sorry to hear about your divorce and that the marriage did not last. I see that you loved her and it is always hard to move on from a lost love. As for the sex, your love for each other had everything to do with the emotional theatrics in bed. When making love to each other, you connected at a very deep level. One that not many people experience in their life time. You were making love, not fucking, No matter how fast you pumped your pelvis or how long the sex lasted love is what you experienced. In that moment, love intertwined with lust and your souls connected, leading to true euphoria which, for Lola, resulted in weeping during sex.

Or so I am assuming.

Hormones can also lead to a women crying during sex as do relationship fears and issues. Why Lola did so only Lola knows.

As for how common it is for a woman to burst into tears during orgasm, the commonality is besides the point. What matters is that you move on from your relationship with Lola – both emotionally and sexually. You said it yourself, the sex was amazing, and it seems you are trying to replicate that same experience with other women. And that is a no-no. So stop comparing women to your ex-wife – in the bedroom and otherwise. Instead, get to know them and build an emotional connection. That way you can build a strong enough bond and be sexually satisfied.  Bottom line, it doesn’t matter if she sobs in between thrusts or after climax. What matter is that you open your heart and let go of the past.

It is the only way you will find love again.

Love wisely,


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