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Ask Sujeiry: Should I Trust Him Again?


Ask Sujeiry: Should I Trust Him Again?

Dear Sujeiry,

He tells me he loves me and then 6 months later he tells me over Facebook that he loves somone else that he is now with. I’m geting confused. I’ve never felt like this. Not for anyone. Yes, I’m only 16 going on 17, but even then I can feel somthing deep in my heart telling me to go to him and tell him iI love him.

Last week he added me on Facebook again and we started talking. He said that he wants to see me. He told me over Facebook that he couldn’t stop thinking about me even when he was with his new girlfriend, who is now his ex as well. He said that he loves me and that he wants me back. Then said that he wants to marry me in the future. I told him that yes, I love him still, l but I can’t trust him like I use to. He said he will earn it back and started talking about us meeting up. Yes, I wanna meet up with him but my trust is all over the place!

What should I do?


Should I Trust Him Again?

Dear Should I Trust Him Again?

I am so sorry that you are experiecing such confusion and heart ache and thank you for coming to me for guidance. Unfortunately, what I am about to say may not be what you want to hear.

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You are 16 going on 17. That means you are still learning about yourself as a young woman and have yet to reach your peak mentally and emotionally. You have so many things that you have yet to experience. These experiences will shape who you are and teach you about what you need in life and especially in love.

Now, lets say you think I’m just reprimanding you because you are a teenager. Maybe you are ready. Maybe you are super mature and now know who you want to MARRY (most women in their 30’s still don’t know). I will stop focusing on your age and break down the situation as if the young lady who emailed me for help is a vieja.

  • He told you he doesn’t love you. OVER FACEBOOK.
  • He dates someone else.
  • He breaks up with her because he has some epiphany and now thinks he loves you again.

It doesn’t take a mad scientist to realize that this young man is playing games. He does not know what he wants. He did not care about your feeings when another woman came into the picture. He is a coward (breaking up over Facebook – come on!).

Love isn’t this painful. On the contrary, the brain releases endorphins when we are in love to make us feel good.

Do you feel good? Do you feel this “love of your life” truly values your love and all you have to offer?

He doesn’t.

So, please walk away. It is never easy, I know. I’ve been there a million and one times…at 16, 18, 26. I’ve been that girl who is stuck, pining for a man who is telling her how much he loves her but isn’t SHOWING HER. All his actions, darling, have proven that he does not love you the way you DESERVE to be loved. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. And he doesn’t deserve your trust.

P.S. For more help, please read my post about how to get over a breakup.

Love strongly and wisely,


DISCLAIMER: The advice offered by Sujeiry Gonzalez are solely the opinion of Sujeiry Gonzalez and should not be considered as a form of therapy, advice, direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind. If counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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