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Ask Sujeiry: Telling His Parents The Truth


Ask Sujeiry: Telling His Parents The Truth

GuidanceDear Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love,

I’m not sure what to do. I recently separated from my son’s father after many many failed attempts to make it work. I gave it all, and stuck around for our kid, but he was jealous and a controlling liar and cheater! He even tried to put his hands on me twice. One time he grabbed me from my arm so hard that he left bruises. His parents have no idea what a jerk he can be. But now all his family thinks it is my fault and don’t like me cause I left him. They think it is my fault that their grandson is suffering. Should I even tell his parents what happened or just leave it as is? My ex is a good father, but he’s a terrible boyfriend.


Telling His Parents The Truth


Dear Telling His Parents The Truth,

I get why you want to tell his parents what occurred between you and their son. It will ease some of your guilt and you won’t be exposed to their blame game. However, I believe most parents know who their children are. Mami knows what I am capable of and she definitely can read my body language. Then again, he may live a double life or they may be in complete denial that their son, your ex and the father of your child, is not only disrespectful but also abusive.

It’s tricky.

So, the question you should ask yourself is, what will I gain from telling his parents what he has done to me? If they are like most parents, they will take his side regardless. They may believe you and still see you as the culprit. They may believe you and stand by their son. They may not believe you and stand by their son anyway. Again, what do you want to gain by telling them? Do you need their approval? Are they treating you awful when they see their grandson? Bottomline, no matter what the circumstance, you made a choice to seperate from their son. They have to and should respect that. If they choose not to and mistreat you like their son did, then find a way to distance yourself from them. Your son can still see them but set limits and boundaries and see where that takes you.

Love strongly and wisely,

Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love


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