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April Fools Brings April Goals

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April Fools Brings April Goals

When I was in high school, I truly enjoyed April Fools Day. I plotted, tricked, and bamboozled my dorm mates all night long after our busy academic day came to an end. One of my favorite pranks was the “The Door Pull”.  Me and my minions tied the door handle of two rooms to one another. Both girls were in the room. Girl A yapping away on the phone and Girl B massacring “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige. Once the knot was tight, we inhaled and screamed, “FIRE!” Girl A stopped her chatting and Girl B her croaking. They began to pull. But the door wouldn’t budge! They continued to pull and once we heard cursing and a few sobs we untied the doors.  Girl A and Girl B were set free to witness me and my minions crying from laughter.

That was then, when I was 20, mischievous, and yes, a little mean. Now, at 32 going on 33, I have better things to do with my day. Instead of tying doors and attacking my friends with whip cream, I will plot and plan for my life. This April Fools Day is all about setting goals for the month of April, which just so happens to be my birthday month.

And I have oh-so many goals! So let’s get to it!

In April I will:

  • Take my NY state driving test.
  • Finish my blogging book and publish it on
  • Finish my mockumentary script.
  • Attain my real estate license.
  • Buy a better camcorder.
  • Get the most hits on the Born To Shine host contest. (Link coming soon!)

That’s all I can think of for now, but I feel I am off to a great start. I’ve learned that it’s important not to overwhelm myself. Take things one day at a time instead of adding on projects when I’m unclear of how or when to accomplish another. Because that, Pepitas, just makes me an April Fool.

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