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And Just Like That…We’re Middle Aged

And just like that, the Sex and the City theme played and triggered an array of memories. Like the time that I almost had sex with who I thought was my Mr. Big only to realize we’d never end up together. (And thank God we didn’t.) Or how excited I was to try a Cosmopolitan at the W in Chelsea to feel closer to Carrie Bradshaw. Just as quickly, however, I was reminded that I am middle aged. And like a true fan, I’ll share my thoughts in this And Just Like That recap, which will be more reflective than anything else. What can I say? At 43 years old, I cannot be expect to remember every minute detail and plot line.  

And Just Like That Recap: Premiere Episode

Speaking of being the number one Sex and the City fan, I always identified as a Carrie. After watching the premiere episode, however, I couldn’t help but wonder, do I still relate to Carrie Bradshaw? Once upon a time her quips and one-liners made me giggle. In the premiere episode, they felt forced. Although I bow down to all things Carrie and SJP, including her fashion, hair, and piercing eyes (SJP is also aging naturally, which I love), I felt disconnected from her shtick. 

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On the contrary, Miranda is just as Miranda as ever and I love her for it. From defending herself from Charlotte’s attack on her graying hair to asking Steve to be the bad guy sometimes with their son, Brady, she is fully herself. I wasn’t a Miranda stan prior to And Just Like That, but her authenticity and her acceptance of the aging process is totally relatable. As a 43 year old woman, I love that Miranda is still pursuing new ventures and exploring her passions despite being 55. She’s returning to school, accepting her gray hair, and is still being a hard ass.

As Just Like That Recap: Charlotte Resists Aging

As for Charlotte, it was a struggle to watch her (Kristen Davis) on screen with a face full of fillers. I also had trouble understanding her. Did she have a cosmetic procedure that impacted her enunciating words? No shade. 

I’m sure Davis’ decision to fight aging with fillers wasn’t a decision in method acting. But, if anyone would fight aging it would be Charlotte. She’s also still with Harry, whom I love, and still as feminine and prim and proper as ever. I’m so not a Charlotte. 

As Just Like That Recap: Samantha Goes to London

As for the friend that shall remain nameless, And Just Like That provides an explanation for her absence. Samantha Jones is not dead, as Bitsy, an old character from Sex and the City that married her gay best friend, assumes. She asks about her within the first five minutes of this episode. Charlotte responds, “She is no longer with us.”

Metaphorically, of course. They’ve shipped Samantha to the UK because she cut ties with Carrie and gang after Carrie fired her as her publicist. As the story goes (Carrie’s side, that is) Samantha  flew the coop because she took it personally. Or as the Brits say, Sam lost the plot. 

One thing that’s remained the same despite time and space is Big and Carrie’s chemistry and adoration. When Big serenades Carrie with “Hello, It’s Me” by Todd Rundgren as they cook salmon for dinner, I remember how much I love their love and how badly I want a Big. Only without their earlier relationship drama. Like Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, I’m not getting any younger and just want to enjoy life. Because life, as Carrie says within the first 5 minutes of the premiere episode, is just too short. It foreshadows the demise of our beloved John after a Peloton ride with Allegra.

And just like that, Big is dead. I cried as if I were Carrie. I reconnected with our protagonist, hoping that losing Big does not destroy her spirit – quips and all. 

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