I Will Help You Goal Get!

Hi! I'm Sujeiry, your go-to accountability partner. 

I help busy women execute tasks to achieve the goals they've always desired, but have yet to accomplish.


Your Google Drive is to the brim with ideas you've outlined but can't seem to execute. You have a difficult time getting started or "finding the time" to set and accomplish goals and get organized. Year after year you talk about your goals and feel like you haven't accomplished enough.  You desire take action and live on purpose. You also...

  • wish you had a mentor
  • feel stuck on how to move forward
  • struggle with putting systems into place
  • desire to brainstorm/plan with someone

I Helped Them Goal Get


Sujeiry asked me to list all the great things in my life. Creating a list reminded me of all the positive things I achieved and made me pay less attention to the negative things. 

Elise / Marketing Professional


Sujeiry helped me organize my thoughts, to-do's, and goals. I was able to visualize my goals as she encouraged me to look at some things differently.

Xiomara / Fitness Coach


Working with Sujeiry opened me up to reflect and personalize some of my bigger goals.

Amanda / Non-Profit Professional


As your accountability partner, I will guide you one-on-one as you build the career and life you desire. We do this through:

  • Weekly one-on-one 1-hour virtual sessions for 8 weeks
  • Setting goals and deadlines together with the Claim! Plan! Do! planner
  • Email check ins and scheduled "Pick My Brain" sessions and brainstorms

You will also receive a copy of the Claim! Plan! Do! planner - filled with action plans, to-do list, and journaling pages.

All of this for $100! This price is for a limited time ONLY for the first 5 women that sign up to work with me. Don't wait another minute! 

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