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warrior pose yoga for better sex

8 Yoga Poses for Better Sex

When I think of yoga I think of three things: Gwyneth Paltrow, granola, and being bendy AF. Gwyneth acts like she invented yoga, granola is synonymous with health fanatics (see: yogis), and some of the benefits of yoga are strength, balance, and flexibility. Again, you’re bendy AF. That bendiness is something many women strive for during sex. If yoga can help us balance on our head while separating our legs in a split as we bump and grind, why not give it the good old college try like it’s 1999? To get you going (not in that way) I give you 7 yoga poses for better sex. You’re welcome.

The Triangle Pose

yoga poses for better sex
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The Triangle Pose aids with increasing blood flow, which in turn eliminates swelling and inflammation caused by poor circulation. This pose also helps our blood flow freely to achieve orgasm. That means you’ll struggle with The Big O if you have terrible circulation. Don’t fret, there’s hope for swollen limbs! As per psychotherapist and author of I Am Diosa, Christine Gutierrez, “yoga is a real workout that increases heat and blood flood.” So get your Triangle Pose on for better sex!

The Warrior Pose

warrior pose yoga for better sex
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Feeling yourself (literally and spiritually) is one of the best ways to have a rocking sex life. The Warrior Pose conjures up the confidence that we all need to get nekked and get our freak on. One of the simplest yoga poses for better sex, The Warrior Pose, helps strengthen your core and spine. “The more core strength you have the better endurance and stronger orgasms,” Gutierrez adds. You won’t just have better posture and better orgasms, but you’ll also strut your stuff when you walk into the bedroom – flat abs and all.

The Lizard

lizard yoga pose
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Open those hips up, girlfriend! The Lizard loosens them up so you can open wide. Trust me, tight hips do not make for better sex. Need more motivation to master The Lizard? This yoga pose also releases toxic and stuck emotional energy. You don’t want that kind of energy when knocking boots, so give it a go!

The Happy Baby Pose

happy baby yoga pose
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Mastering the Happy Baby Pose, where you grab your heels and open your legs wide while on your back, helps to release the tension in your hips and increase flexibility. And that’s what you need for better sex since “flexibility allows you to play with various sex positions that feel good,” explains Gutierrez. If you can’t lift your leg up because you’re not very flexible, you’re limited during sex. Get so flexible you can work your sex partner from every angle. Cause wrapping your legs around your head during sex is not just for gymnasts in Cirque du Soleil!

The Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog
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Have you ever tried The Downward Facing Dog? Much like doggy style, it is quite the workout. That’s because this yoga pose stretches our muscles and increases our oxygen flow. You will break a sweat when in this pose, but it is worth it for better health, increased flexibility and strength – and better sex.

The Child’s Pose

child's pose yoga
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Sex is amazing when you’re relaxed, especially since according to Christine, “stress decreases libido.” How do we keep our minds off our to-do lists? Start by practicing The Child’s Pose every morning or before sex to keep stress at bay. With your legs tucked underneath your butt, arms stretched forward and deep breathing, you can master those much-needed zen moments. “Breathe is the key in yoga practice,” Gutierrez explains, “when we breathe we connect to our life force, what some call prana and energy, and that connects us to our sensuality.”

The Cat-Cow

the cat cow yoga pose
© [Jomkwan7] / Adobe Stock

Don’t feel like you can take on any of these yoga poses? Start with The Cat-Cow, the simplest yoga pose there is. It helps stretch your back and loosen your muscles before tackling the tougher poses that are necessary to improve your sex life. Also, The Cat-Cow pose works your pelvic floor muscles, much like when doing kegel exercises. And a strong pelvic floor makes for greater and long-lasting orgasms.

The Plow

the plow yoga pose
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Get plowed thanks to one of our last recommended yoga poses for better sex. This move helps loosen your spine and can actually be a move you do between the sheets. The name says it all, doesn’t it? Yes. Yes, it does.



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