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tantric sex

7 Reasons to Venture Into Tantric Sex

Whenever we hear the word ‘tantra’ we usually envision Sting and his wife, Trudie, engaging in kinky sex. Candles are lit, moaning ensues (and lasts) while “Roxanne” plays in the background. This has to be how to venture into tantric sex, right? Not exactly. 

Although the Stings placed tantric sex on the Hollywood map after boasting about 4-hour sex sessions, tantra is less about marathon sex and more about connecting with your partner. Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure, state that couples practice tantra to enlighten and respect one another. So it’s not just about long-lasting orgasms. Although that does sound nice! 

It has many other benefits. From boosting the immune system to strengthening your emotional connection, tantra may just be what your sex life needs. Here are some reasons to venture into tantric sex: 

Stronger Immune System

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According to Scarlett Stack, a sociologist with areas of expertise in sex and gender, tantric sex boosts our immune system which then prevents illnesses. “We all know it leads to longer orgasms,” she said, “more frequent and longer orgasms help strengthen your immune system. No need for a flu shot!”

Reduce Inhibitions

According to Michaels & Johnson, “becoming less inhibited will improve your sex life and make you a better lover.” It can also lead to feeling freer in all areas of life. “Classical tantric sex rituals are designed to free the adept from the restrictions that prevail in orthodox Indian society. These rituals involve eating fish and meat, consuming alcohol, and having unconventional sex, sometimes across caste lines,” they said of the history of tantra. “In ancient times (and even today, in certain circles) to do these things was to violate some of Indian society’s strongest taboos.” In other words, it will set you free. Perhaps even of the dreaded que diran.

Learn to Be Present 

We all get busy with the everyday grind of work, parenthood, and even snapping selfies and checking Instagram notifications. Luckily, it can help us become present and bring us back to center. “Many tantric practices are designed to develop and refine this ability, to make it possible for you to choose to be present when you wish to do so, in a sexual context or in any other aspect of your life,” Michaels & Johnson explained further. So put down your iPhone and get to connecting via tantra. No sexting allowed. 

Toned Body

Tantric sex does a physical body good, and we’re not just talking about orgasms. The stretching and breathing that is necessary when practicing tantra is much like the techniques used in yoga and pilates. Your abs will be to die for! 

Learn to Collaborate

Sharing is caring, and tantric sex allows couples to take a collaborative approach to relationships and sexuality. That’s because the participants of the tantric sexual ritual are “embodying the God and Goddess, which are believed to exist both within and around them,” explained Michaels & Johnson. “Practitioners worship each other as divine manifestations.” In tantra, men and women are equal. That equality brings on a fun and awakening collaboration.

Master Non-Verbal Communication

If you want to master the art of non-verbal communication, tantric sex may be for you. “The tantric approach emphasizes non-verbal communication and energetic connections. This can deepen a relationship,” said Michaels & Johnson. Learning to master non-verbal communication is beneficial in life in general. “There’s a large body of research that shows we respond to an array of nonverbal cues at a level below conscious awareness; for example, recognizing an angry facial expression without even realizing it.” If you can pick up on non-verbal cues, you can strengthen relationships with fewer words. 

Clearer Complexion

If you’re so vain that you probably think this sentence is about you, you’ll love this benefit of tantric sex – a clearer complexion. We all know sex gives us a certain glow and boosts our immune system. According to Stack, because tantric sex elevates our sexual experience, it can leave our skin glowing for days. Maybe even about as long as your legs will tremble from your extended orgasm.



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