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7 Reasons to Date Older Men

Whether it’s Thalia with Tommy Mottola, Charo with Xavier Cugat, or Sophia Loren with film producer, Carlo Ponti, these Latina celebs all married much older men. And it’s not because they have Daddy issues! Contrary to popular belief, not all women who desire to date older men are mending childhood wounds. They also don’t always want a Sugar Daddy. Plenty of women (ahem, Thalia) have their own money and fall in love and marry a man that’s twice their age. 

So, what’s the allure? Why would a 20-something year old in her prime entertain a middle-aged man who wants to stay in on the weekends? And should you? Let’s explore. Here are 7 reasons why women should date older men.

Older men are more established.

By established, I mean his career is solid. He has a 401K and he probably owns a home – or two. This has nothing to do with money and everything to do with security, which is something that many women need and desire in a partner. It makes us feel safe. And there is something sexy about a man who has his crap together! 

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They fancy and courteous. 

Older men understand that a woman should be courted and treated with respect. That’s why they call instead of text, make dinner reservations, and may even pull your chair out or open your car door. This is how the older generation was raised! Young men may also have these fancy manners, but they usually got ‘em from their poppa. 

Older men are sexually experienced.

Although your viejito may not want to have sex all the time (unless he’s popping Viagra), he may teach you a thing or two in the boudoir. An older man has years on you and, in turn, knows what he is doing. When you date older men you may also feel a lot more heard. Because older men are sexually experienced and more mature, they may be more open to communicating. 

He has his own love pad. 

Let’s face it: the rent is too damn high! That’s why so many 20-somethings and even some 30-something-year-old men live with their parents or share an apartment with a roommate – or two. That goes for professional, college-educated men as well. An older man, however, has lived on his own for decades (usually)! He just needs someone to share his love pad with. 

Older men are more mature. 

They say that women mature at a faster rate than men, and I have to agree. Even when a man is in his 30s he may pick a fight at a dive bar and, yes, still go to dive bars! Your older man isn’t about that party life. He doesn’t want to take shot after shot. He wants to spend quality time with you. If you’re that kind of gal, that’s a great reason to date older men. 

It’s a change of pace. 

If you’ve been dating younger men or men your age all of your adult life, and have had no luck in love because of it, it’s time for a change. Try dating an older man because it’s different and new. 

They’re ready to settle down.

Women are usually ready to settle down at a younger age than men. Usually, an older man is ready for kids and marriage as well. Well, maybe not the baby. If he has children already or may have undergone a vasectomy, that’s a conversation for you and your viejo. Still, most older man have finished playing the field. They usually want to commit and love one woman for the rest of their days. They may not have that many years left, so enjoy! 



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