Elevate Your Biz! Online Blogging Courses for Business Owners

Entrepreneurs need a blog to create content to increase blog traffic! Otherwise, Google won't pick up your fab business, which means NO NEW CLIENTS! My online blogging courses are here to help. User friendly just for newbie bloggers, they're tailored to business owners that are just learning how to blog for their business. From SEO to creating content strategy, my online blogging courses will help you launch your blog with ease and for ultimate success. 

Hi, I'm Sujeiry! I'm an OG blogger (blogging since 2005!), former host on SiriusXM and now podcaster, ball of Aries energy with a bit of Capi earthiness, and proud boy mom . I help business owners to launch their blogs via online blogging courses, blog coaching, and digital products.


  • Learn what content to write about so your blog garners more business 
  • Create an editorial calendar to keep you focused, stress free, and on track to monetize your blog
  • Set up and/or revamp your blog with SEO to ensure you get the clicks you need to monetize your blog
  • Get all this for FREE!


You rather not spend time on courses. You want solutions on how to start a blog for business FAST! You think, "I don't know enough about blogging!" to attempt online courses and get the shakes when words like SEO, content strategy, and WordPress come up.  You also...

  • dream of feeling confident enough to write blogs 
  • want undivided attention to learn these skills
  • struggle with taking online courses

Blogging Coach & Content Packages

For Newbie Bloggers/ $323

Gain clarity on what to blog about to maximize your business. I'll share my expert advice on creating blog content, teach you beginner SEO strategies, and will set up your WordPress platform. Included in this package is a WordPress tutorial and WordPress plugin training to get you blogging like a pro. Newbie blogger, who?

SEO Audit/ $155

Get to the nitty gritty of your blog SEO and discover why you're not ranking on Google AT ALL!  The SEO Audit is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners that blog,  and are struggling to monetize and/or garner organic traffic from the Google Gods. I'll analyze your data and help you focus on content that supports your business growth.

Content ​Planning/ $444

They say "content is King" and they ain't wrong! Creating content that converts and informs/inspires is the key to blogging success for business. We'll create a targeted content strategy  and your authentic voice. We'll brainstorm content ideas, and I'll prepare a content plan so you can focus on blogging and making that money, honey.

Content Creation / $555-$777

Struggling with writing your about page? Are your product descriptions lackluster? Do you want to focus on building your business and not on churning out content for your newsletter? Then the Content Creation package is for you! I'll get inside your head (and your voice) to create copy for your business and blog.  Pricing depends on amount of copy.

WP ​Template/ $711

You took the much-needed plunge and migrated to Wordpress.org . Only your design looks....eh.  Oh, but you can have a blog or a biz website that has pizzazz! Your brand will stand out with a new Wordpress template design. Best part? I'll do it for you. Disclaimer: This package is for new websites with little to no content. 

Bundle Me Up/ $737

Mix For Newbie Bloggers, the SEO Audit, and the Content Planning packages like a Tequila Sunrise. I'll deliver the following services for the cool (see what I did there? Ahum, 'bundle'! I'm a Copy Queen!) price of $737. That's 20% off! Your blog or biz website will launch with a strong SEO game and content plan. Who's prepared? You're prepared! 

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