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The Cocreators Lab podcast leads Creatives toward Creative Entrepreneurship so they can fulfill their wildest creative dreams. As as a writer, singer, and overall performer that has monetized my talents, I guide Creatives to Creative Entrepreneurship through intuition, on-air and private accountability coaching (listen closely to learn how to be coached on air!), and real entrepreneur talk. Listen to the Cocreators Lab podcast every Tuesday on all podcast platforms.

A comedic performer by nature, I hated when men I dated said to me, "You're funny" when I wasn't trying to humorous. I wanted be sexy and mysterious, and clowns are never sexy.

Well, folks, I'm leaning into the silly, humorous, ridiculous side of my personality. And I've unleashed her on YouTube. Watch and laugh.

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The Love Sujeiry E-Zine shares personal stories and romantic fiction for and by BIPOC. Our mission is to inspire, engage, and connect through storytelling.

We pay our writers. We celebrate our writers. And we ask you to support us so we can continue to amplify the narratives of Women of Color.

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love trips: i should have seen it coming

I felt her distance. Her detachment. Her lack of interest in getting to know me or my loved ones. His friends felt her warmth as she laughed alongside them, chugging drinks while sitting across from me at the other end of the long table. D stood by my side most of the night. His eyes on me. His lips kissing me. His arms holding me. We had sex in the girls bathroom. We were the real fucking deal. 

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