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#ThxBirthControl! Join the National Campaign on November 12

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Growing up, sex was never discussed. I didn’t even get the G-rated “birds and the bees” chat. Instead, I was met with Mami’s cold-hard stare whenever I looked at a boy. Followed by many lectures about teen pregnancy because “don’t forget what happened to your 15-year-old cousin after she opened her legs!”

So you can imagine that a discussion about birth control was off the table. When I started having sex, I didn’t know I had options until I visited my gynecologist. She only suggested taking the pill.

The thing is women have a variety of options regarding birth control. We also have the right to choose the method that feels right for us. Many women use some form of contraception. “Among women who have sex, 99% have used birth control,” a survey conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy concluded. Birth control also aids in the personal and professional advancement of women, as “the ability to plan, prevent, and space pregnancies is directly linked to more educational and economical opportunities, healthier babies, more stable families, and a reduced burden for taxpayers,” says Sarah Brown, CEO of The National Campaign.

Yet the topic is still taboo among young women, politicians, and even between mothers and daughters. Though many single young adults don’t want to have a pregnancy, only 4 in 10 college-aged women use birth control consistently. I can relate. Because of my lack of knowledge and strict upbringing, I didn’t use birth control consistently when I was younger. College-aged women also admitted that they’d be more open to using contraception if there wasn’t such backlash.

Well, Bedsider.org and The National Campaign for Pregnancy Prevention are steppping in to thank birth control. On November 12th, 2014 – Thanks, Birth Control Day – multiple media platforms, including LoveSujeiry.com, Cosmopolitan, MTV, and UpWorthy are joining this movement and encouraging women to turn to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to dispel the myths and fibs of birth control, and share how birth control has helped and benefited their lives. Share your story on social media by using the hashtag #ThxBirthControl, leave a comment here, and motivate your friends to do the same. Join us as we pump up the volume and shut down the controversy regarding contraception.

For more information on Thanks, Birth Control Day, go to Bedsider.org.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. All opinions and stories are my own.

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