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How An Unwavering Belief in Myself Has Led to My Success

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I recently went through my Gmail account and found an old email from 2009 where I listed all of my goals. It went something like this:

  • Establish Lovemionline as a digital platform.
  • Publish Love Trips book.
  • Figure out how I can have a radio show.
  • Continue to love myself enough to accomplish what I want, pursue my passions, and be with the man who deserves ALL OF THIS!

I had lofty goals. I’ve always been a dreamer, and luckily a doer. All of these goals that I set in 2009, well, I’ve met them.

  • I now have LoveSujeiry.com as a full-on and established digital platform.
  • I published Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles in 2012. Buy it here.
  • I am now the Host of LOVE Sujeiry on American Latino Radio, SiriusXM Ch 154.
  • I am in love and am loved by my best friend, my lover, my partner, my Boo – Dave.

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In other words, check, check, check, and check. And it feels damn good.

How have I accomplished all of this? Sometimes I wonder the same. Besides the usual spiel (hard work, determination, faith) I have to say that having an unwavering belief in my talents – no matter how many “no’s” or how many failures (oh, and there were failures) – has led to my success. I always knew that there was something special about me. I always knew that my creativity – the way that I tell stories, and make people laugh and open up about their romantic relationships – would lead to a bright future. Even when I doubted how lovable I was or if was worthy enough for true love and happiness, I knew that I would get to this place in my life somehow. I was sure that I would be with a man that I deserved, was deserving of me and that loved me reciprocally. I was sure that I would flourish in a career that I love and thrive in the creative entertainment business.

I just had to stop, write down my goals and take action.

Because, as I said in that very email in 2009, “I aint playing! I have so many things I want to do. But I’m taking Johnny’s advice and focusing on one major goal at a time. Nice to know he was good for something other than fucking with my heart! Lol.”

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And that right there is an example of how I shine bright and keep trucking despite the bumps in the road. My tenacity, talent and ability to find humor and laughter in any given situation is a key to my success. It’s what makes me unique.

You have that something as well. You just have to find it, believe in it and hone it. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Don’t try to go with the grain just because of fear and uncertainty. Be who you are and do what you love. You can begin with a simple step: write down your goals and believe that they will manifest.

Love Sujeiry is an aspirational lifestyle brand for Latinas and women of color that champions authenticity and manifestation. The owner and founder, Sujeiry Gonzalez, is the host of “Love Sujeiry: Dish Served Raw" on reVolver Podcasts. Previously, she hosted a show on SiriusXM in NYC and Exitos 93.9FM in Los Angeles. The content creator has also been featured on Latina.com, YourTango, Cosmo, Momstatic, Mommynoire, NBC Latino as she inspires women to dish on love, sex, and relationships, and to be their best selves. Sujeiry tells it like it is and shares her triumphs, devastating blows, tales of new mami life, and her creative career moves on her web series, "Love Bytes with Sujeiry," where she is authentically herself and holds nothing back. Ultimately, Love Sujeiry serves to entertain and inspire women to live authentically, find fulfillment through manifestation, love themselves, follow their passions and never ever settle.