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Fall in Love with…Splurge Cream Shadow in ‘Hopeful’

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Cream eyeshadow. It’s my new obsession because I have little time to do my makeup. Long gone are the days of primping and pressing (usually my hair) in front of the bathroom mirror. That was P.B.S: Pre Baby Sujeiry.

Now, I need makeup that works for my lifestyle, which consists of baby poop (usually nuggets since Evan has been constipated off/on for a while), 6am wake up calls every day of the week (that includes weekends as Evan doesn’t ever go on vacation – EVER!) and peeing with the door open while yelling, “Baaaaaaby! What are you doooooing?!” when I don’t hear a peep from my little guy.

Ok. I’ve always peed with the door open.

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So, when I have to put on my face I have to do it fast. The process of applying makeup has to be convenient, efficient and practical all while making me look and feel like a million bucks. Tall order? Not with Splurge Cream Shadow. The color I am currently in love with this summer is ‘Hopeful,’ a shimmery light pink. I dab it on with one finger right before heading to Walgreens (my weekly outing with Evan), the pool (cause I’m that momma who likes to have eye shadow while dipping in the water) and just about anywhere.’Hopeful’ is a perfect color for sunkissed Latinas in summer. Actually, it works for Latinas during every season because many of us have that year-round tan. And not even babies can take that away. (Suck it, Evan!)

Watch this episode of Fall in Love with….whatever I show you…and learn all about Splurge Cream Shadow in ‘Hopeful.’ And go head, nab yourself a shadow right here. So you can dazzle even when cleaning up baby poop.

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