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Fall in Love with…Rose Water Toner

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If you ever told me I’d be splashing anything other than water on my face, I’d laugh so hard I’d fall on my bathroom floor. Because, 1) who needs more than plain ol’ water to refresh in the morning? and 2) it’s early, so I’m prone to slips, trips and accidents. #TeamNoSleep

Well, call me a beauty fool! I was recently introduced to Rose Water Toner and I am hooked. That sink water is no good, yo! All those years of just splashing my face in the morning…ay, que pena.

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What’s so amazing about Rose Water Toner is that it’s easy and cost effective. Just spritz it on your face after washing with cleanser, or after a busy day. Rose water not only cleanses your face, it also gives your skin a natural glow. It’s toner without cotton balls and dry skin. I have to admit, I used toner for years as I believed it help my aging skin brighten and reduce wrinkles. Turns out toner almost always dries out the skin, which leads to more moisturizing than needed. And wrinkles. Again, I was such a fool!

Not anymore. I have fallen in love with…Rose Water Toner. It revives my face and helps me look awake regardless of how many hours of sleep I get. Which is like, none. Get more info on this brand of Rose Water here.

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