Sujeiry’s Girl Guide: Out with the Old and In With The New (Friends)

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While watching GLEE last night, my eyes watered. Not because Quinn Fabray took her first step or Rachel Berry was pencilled in as prom queen by the sometimes evil Santana. Their prom episode reminded me of how much fun it was to be young. How much time we have as soon-to-be college students to make mistakes and wallow over a bad hair day. Most of all, it transported me back to a time where my friends were available. No babies. No husbands. No live in boyfriends. Just me and my girls, taking shots of Greygoose (when we were rich), swigs of Bacardi Limon (every other weekend) and savoring Carlo Rossi wine (when we were really poor).

Times have changed. I am now 34 and my childhood friends are with child and/or married. My friends from high school either live in a different state or don’t have time for a girls date. One of my friends from college even moved to Canada for her husband. This is the reality of being a married woman and mother.

Because we have to be everything to everyone.

Phone calls with girlfriends become less frequent. When there is time to talk, conversations are often interrupted by crying babies or clueless husbands. The Happy Hours you used to attend with your college BFF? Nonexistent. Now, they invite you to their homes for a glass of wine. And there you are. A single gal sipping (or chugging if you’re as bored as I am) on wine, watching your friend’s children run around the living room (and over your shoes).

So, what is a single and still youthful (in spirit) gal to do?

You find new friends.

I have met a new group of women whom I enjoy and are in the same place that I am in life. They are available, energetic and, best of all, they understand me, my career, my passion and my need to drink and paint the town fuchsia. So, who are the new women in my life?  None other than “Beauty and Brains” and “Fit and Flirty.” Both have rocked my world. They empower me and have taught me about fitness, to be fabulous and to remain focused. By no means are they replacing my old friends. I love them all dearly. But reminiscing about the good old days won’t amount to new and brighter days. What keeps us alive and as youthful as soon-to-be college students at prom is to surround ourselves with positive energy and embrace new people and experiences. This is where I am in life. Just me and my (new) girls, taking shots of Patron (cause we’re fancy), swigs of martinis (once a week) and savoring the sweetness of life.

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