Sujeiry Madden? More Like Sujeiry, 1st Lady Of Love

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Sujeiry at Steve Madden I’m obsessed with anything that inspires. Present me with a self-help books entitled “Be A Better You!” or a motivational workshop and I am front and center. Since I could remember I have been self-aware. Constantly on a path of self-fulfillment, my eyes are open, as wide as saucers. Ready to absorb lessons and find inspiration from…everywhere.

Today I found that inspiration in Steve Madden’s office. I didn’t break in to steal shoes or seduce him (though for a free pair of shoes I’d try anything). It was a teen outing for my job; one of the perks of working for a non-profit with fancy and connected board members When I walked in I felt like a sex addict in a sex toy shop.

Strappy shoes. Platform shoes. Red pumps. Purple heels. I experienced a shoegasm!

Shoes at Steve MaddenStrappy Shoes by Steve MaddenShoegasm

Heels, Heels, Heels Red Velvet by Steve Madden Royalty Shoes by Steve Madden

Then there was his glorious, funky, trendy office. I want to live in this office, create in this office.

Steve Madden Office Steve Madden Office in Queens

In that moment, I vowed to continue my creative journey. I will be a successful entrepreneur. I will leave this job that has led to insufferable heat and pushes me to leave the world of education and non-profits. I am meant for bigger things, just like Steve Madden. The 1st Lady of Love brand will explode, just like the Steve Madden brand. Only difference is that he’s all about shoes and I’m all about love, relationships, sex, and Pepa Power™.

Let the changes begin.

Sujeiry Gonzalez is the owner of LoveSujeiry Magazine. Author of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles, she is an on-air talent tells it like it is when on TV, radio, and on the web. Coined the “Latina Carrie Bradshaw,” Sujeiry is the host of “The Sweet Spot” on Chic Rebellion TV and was the Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM. She has appeared on FYI’s “Married at First Sight” and CNN Latino, and in the pages of Latina Magazine and Cosmo for Latinas.

  • The Wise Latina Club

    An orgy of Shoes and style fits hand in glove, or in this case, foot in stiletto with your mission. Keep on movin’!

  • Carrie at TikiTikiBlog!

    Lucky you!

    Shoes are like porn, in my opinion.

    Chase that dream, chase that dream.

  • Rachel

    Very cool! Great post.

  • Presley’s Pantry

    I’m a shoe girl all day long. great post.

  • Liz

    Shoes, shoes shoes. Every girls dream.

    Shoegasm, for sure!

  • Sujeiry Gonzalez

    Glad you felt a great energy from this post! I truly lit up when I stepped into his office. My future life flashing before my eyes!

    I wrote the post on the train ride after and ignored the teens. So damn needy, they are lol.

    Thanks for the continued support!

  • Christopher

    Wow … maybe it’s the mastery of writing … maybe it’s an “Ahrees” thing … or maybe it’s my past experiences of girls twirling about like some Alice in Shoe-underland … but I kinda felt that vibe of inspiration reading this post. I could almost picture that EKG of your whole brain lighting up in that office.

    March on, flaca!