My Love Trips Book Is Finished!

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I did it. I finally finished my book. It’s been a long time coming. As you may recall, I’ve been working on Love Trips since late 2009. But, what others may not know is that Love Trips has been in the making since 2005.

It was first a blog called “In The Words of a 20 Something.”

My decision to begin a blog came at the height of a breakup. My then boyfriend Elijah had moved on without consulting me. I hoped that we would eventually reunite.

“I eventually want to get back together with you.”

That’s what he told me when he decided he needed space. And I believed him.

Months passed and I was still single. Elijah lived his life and I had trouble moving on. So I began to write. I have always loved writing. At the time I was in graduate school pursuing a Masters in Writing. But I had never penned my relationship woes.

Until October 12, 2005.

My first post was called “More than Sperm.” It was funny and relatable and so much fun to write. Friends and family loved it and I knew I was on to something. Love Trips was born. And now, here I am 6 years later, self-publishing my collection of stories.

I feel extremely calm. I have faith in my abilities and know that I am talented, that my voice is special and connects with readers. I have a good feeling about this. I don’t know why. I just do.

Maybe it’s because I visualized this very moment almost 5 years ago. After my first post, I continued writing weekly. Every Wednesday at 9am a new post was published and the link was emailed. My blog was getting buzz. Friends and family shared the content and I received great feedback. I began freelancing for MiGente after an editor read my blog. By January 1, 2006 – the New Year – I felt sure of my path. I lay on my back in bed, staring at the cracks in the ceiling. It was 1pm and we had celebrated New Years as a family, drinking rum and coquito and dancing merengue as we often do. At that time, I often wrote in a journal. Some entries were story ideas and others were of my dreams and aspirations. That morning, that first day of the new year, I lifted my head from my flat pillow and brought my black composition book to my side. I flipped over and laid on my stomach. I picked up a black pen and began to write. This is part of what I wrote on that very day:

[blockquote]”Happy New Year! I am so excited for what’s to come for me. My blog is doing so well and I know that I will succeed as a writer! On that note I am going to list my life goals. 1) Love Trips will be a book ala Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City…”[/blockquote]

And here I am. Taking that very step. Because there is power in writing our goals. There is power in faith and confidence. No matter who tells you “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t.” No matter who tells you “No.” Remember you, your dreams and your talents are all you need.

To keep informed on the Love Trips launch and book party, please visit the Love Trips site!

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  • congrats!!! how exciting!!

  • Woot! I signed up! Can’t wait to find out more about the book and when it hits the market.

  • I love how you just go for it…always.

    May you always be that way!
    And, suerte on the book and the goals!

  • Very inspiring. Congratulations and best wishes.

  • How exciting! I am so happy for you. What an amazing feeling to complete a project so close to the heart! 🙂

  • super congrats!! i know what that’s like — wanting to write and finish a book! i’m still waiting to get my done! SOON! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Will def. support.