I Pushed Out a Baby and Got Beyonce Concert Tickets

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Although I’m not an official member of the Beyhive, I’m obsessed with Beyonce. Aside from her natural beauty Queen B is a proud feminist that is as hardworking as she is talented. I admire her even more now that she put it all out there in Lemonade.

Ah, yes, Lemonade. I drank from that sweet nectar of an album all day, erryday. When Beyonce announced her Formation World Tour after the Superbowl I immediately went to her site to look at the schedule. NYC. June 2016. “Yaaaas, I’m there!” I yelped with glee.

“Um, aren’t you forgetting something?” Boo asked. He stared at my round belly. Oh yeah, this little guy was due in June!

“Damn! Why, Beyonce?!!” I bellowed. Boo shook his head. He doesn’t get the Beyonce hype much like he doesn’t understand why men give push presents. Independent and unconventional by nature, Boo goes against the grain. So he thinks Bey is “all right” and that push presents are expected. And he doesn’t like to do anything that’s expected. That includes loving Beyonce and shelling out cash to buy me a gift because I gave birth to his son. He’s lucky I don’t attack his Facebook wall with a gazillion bee emoticons.

Mean Mug Beyonce

So you can imagine my shock when days after giving birth Boo said he had a push present for me. ”I saw how much pain you were in, how hard you worked and how strong you were during labor…and I hated that I couldn’t take away any of that hurt. So I got you something to thank you.”

“Wait…you got me a push present?!”

“And it’s a good one!” he exclaimed with a smile.

Boo asked me to close my eyes, and that’s when I heard him open the computer and click on the keyboard. Soon, I came face to face with two tickets to Beyonce at Metlife Stadium. “Are you kidding me?!” I squealed. I was so excited I nearly passed out from enthusiasm. Or maybe it was from the sleep deprivation.

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Other moms felt the same thrill when receiving push presents. After having her son, Bear, Sarah, 33, from Nashville, was gifted a $500 gift card. With no limits or rules on how to use the money, Sarah spend it like most women would. “I went on a shopping spree for new clothes!”

On the more expensive end, Yanira, 32, from Chicago, received a push present for each kid – that’s three! “I got a car for my first, a trip for my second, and another car for my third,” she said. Her first car was an Infiniti Fx45. The newest car is a 2016 Acura MDX, or her “mom mobile,” as Yanira calls it. As for the trip, the entire family went to Paris and Barcelona for two week. Seems like a lot, right? Not when you consider what Yanira and her husband have overcome to have children. “We suffered 7 miscarriages so each baby was a huge miracle worth celebrating, and each push present was something we could all enjoy.”

Push presents don’t have to be extravagant to be thoughtful. Adayna, 40, from Fort Mill, SC, loved that her husband gave her a necklace with her daughter’s name on it; and Lourdes, 40, from Englewood, NJ really wanted to lose weight post-baby and asked her husband for an exercise machine. He gave in and bought her the machine “even though he knew I wasn’t going to use it,” Lourdes admitted with a chuckle. Because when it comes to push presents momma gets what momma wants – even if it’s a tall glass of Lemonade.

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