Battling The Chichos: Day 1

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Battling The BuldgeI sat next to my boyfriend on my copper velvet couch as he patted his stomach.

“I gained weight in DR,” he grunted, pinching his abdominal region. “I have to workout,” he finished and eyed my figure.

“Yeah, I have to work out too,” I agreed. He nodded and zoned in on my stomach. My roll was toppling over my jeans much more than his chicho. I sucked it in to no avail. Out if went again like a pouty baby who’s having a tantrum.

“You’ve gained weight,” he stated casually. I looked down at my chichos and agreed though the fact that he noticed did hurt. Then again, I always ask him to be honest and honest he was.

Soon, I changed the subject. But not before secretly vowing to start the workout routine I said I’d begin when renewing my Planet Fitness gym membership in November 2010. And now, here I am: a new year, 6 months later, and with a few extra chichos. I’ve worked out five times since renewing the membership and have failed to follow a gym schedule. I even bailed on my gym buddy though our lack of dedication was mutual. But no more! The last thing I need is to have my boyfriend call me a fattie. I also want to become healthier overall. Recently, I’ve been huffing and puffing when walking up the four flights of stairs to my apartment.

Today my workout began. Instead of going to the gym, I used Mami’s treadmill. It’s been collecting dust since she purchased it from a family member and set it up in the middle bedroom. I know what you must be thinking. How do you have a treadmill in your home and not workout?

The Lazy Monster is a scary and powerful beast!

Today I was strong. I kicked The Lazy Monster in the shin and ran onto the treadmill where I ran for 15 minutes. Then, after warming up with cardio, I lifted 5-lb weights, working on biceps, triceps, and shoulders. The piece of resistance was Jillian Michaels. I turned on my television, flipped to Exercise TV on Demand, and selected her 6 Weeks 6 Pack Workout. In six weeks, I’m going to be bikini ready, just in time for my trip to Hilton Head Island, SC! I will write about my process, showing you photos of my transformation. You see, I work best when under pressure. I hate disappointing people and so if I write about it and share with my Pepitas, I’m going to be about it.

Today was Day 1 and I vow to wake up early before work and workout five times a week like those gringas I see sweating on the treadmill as I pass Planet Fitness and enter McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to loose my natural Dominican curves and behind. Au contraeur, Pepitas! After the six weeks are over, I will be just as Dominican with extra muscles and less jiggle.

Let’s see my boyfriend beat that.

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