Sorry Not Sorry! A Letter to the Guys I’ve Friend-Zoned

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Dear Guys That I’ve Friend-zoned,

Us being just friends isn’t so horrible, is it? In fact, I think it makes for much less drama. However, I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been “friend-zoned” so I know it blows. Hopefully, I didn’t lead you on. I’m sorry if that’s the case. I can’t help it that I don’t feel the same way about you. I can’t reciprocate those feelings. That won’t change.

Don’t get upset. Why can’t we just remember fun times without you wanting more? Don’t overreact. Do you want me to stop contacting you? I think that would make me sad. I enjoy spending time with you, acting like siblings that actually tolerate each other.

Sorry again. I’m sure you didn’t want to be compared to a bro.

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I just treat guys I like differently than how I treat you. I didn’t friend zone you on purpose. In fact, I did it unknowingly so you cant be upset. I hope you realize I mean no harm.
My wish is for you to be happy. But that won’t be with me. You will always be in the “friend” category.

Oh, and also “no means no.”

A 23-year old out of Texan, Courtney enjoys day-dreaming about her plans to continue traveling and falling passionately in love. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!