Am I Failing at Love Because I Date Non Religious Men?

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I have a strong belief in God and the power of prayer. However, when scanning profiles when online dating, I notice that men select terms like “spiritual” or “atheist” as their religion. Yet, I give them a chance. From atheists to borderline Satanists, I have dated all kinds of men, especially ones with tattoos of pentagrams. Now I wonder: am I failing at love and dating because of religious differences? Should I be exclusively searching for a Christian man? Does the couple that prays together really stay together?

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For years, my parents have advised me to date a Christian man, and I finally believe them. They’ve been married for 40 years and their motto is, “If God is with us, who could be against us?”  This makes sense, but I often wonder if I can even attract a Christian guy. I am divorced, have tattoos, and into the punk and metal scene. Do I fit the Christian mold, or do Christian’s come in all shapes, sizes, colors and appearances? I hope so.

All I know is that in my journey to find Mr. Right I have dated many Mr. Wrongs. It has to change. From today on, I will seek out a man with a similar religious background. A man who isn’t afraid to go to church. A man who admits he is proud to be a Christian. Instead of downplaying my faith or accepting things that I am uncomfortable with when I meet a man, I will embrace and love God because I want what my parents have. A relationship built on not only love but also a deep belief in Jesus because, as my parents say, “If God is with us, who could be against us?”

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