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13 Ways You Know You Are in Love

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Love is a beautiful thing. And so I asked my Facebook friends to tell me how they feel about the L word.

When we’re in love, we do things we’d never thought we do. I’ve watched a baseball game. I’ve slept on the left side of the bed and by a wall (and I am kind of claustrophobic). I’ve even shared the most beloved thing on my plate: French fries.

So, I went to Facebook and asked others to fill in the blank.

“You know it’s love when_________.”

The results were honest, sweet and outright hilarious.

You know it’s love when you let him see you in rolos or a shower cap.

Beauty Salon

You know it’s love when you stay on the phone listening to each others silence but don’t want to hang up.

Phone Call

You know it’s love when you can’t sleep because you keep thinking of them.

Cant Sleep

You know it’s love when you don’t mind his morning breath.

Morning Breath

You know it’s love when you want to keep holding hands after you’re sweaty.

Holding Hands

You know it’s love when butterflies don’t go away.


You know it’s love when you notice little details like his or her ears, fingernails, mole…and find them all perfect.

Youre Perfect

You know it’s love when you shave your legs more than once a week.

Fancy Dress

You know it’s love when you feel safe and can fully express yourself.

FES I Love You

You know it’s love when you could pass gas without fear of rejection.


You know it’s love when you take public transportation in LA to see your boo.

Catch the Bus

You know it’s love when her smile brightens up your mood and you can spend all day lying next to her and feel comfortable and content.


You know it’s love when you love him even though you might not like him all the time.


What other ways do you know it’s love? Share your thoughts!

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  • MariaNYC

    Loved this post! And most entries so true!! LOL! Been guilty of some of those myself. 🙂