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7 Warning Signs He’s a Creep When Dating Online

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Recently, I dished on online dating with a few of my single lady friends. What they shared about what men say and do behind a screen, well, it was terrifying! From men asking to do it doggy style to obsessing over sexting at first type, I understand why many women tread carefully when online dating.

So, what should you watch out for when dating online or via dating app? A few things, actually. Unfortunately, many women ignore red flags because they believe they’re being paranoid or too picky.

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Well, don’t think that way; follow your gut. If any of the following things come up in your online exchange, run for the hills, mujer!

He has an obsession with animals.

cat obsessed guy

A guy who is an animal lover can be just as sweet and cuddly as a perrito, but take heed if he is head-over-heels in love…with a furry friend. If he’s crying over his love for cats, you should act like a cat when chasing a mouse and scurry along. Can you imagine how obsessed he will be when he falls in love with you? Shudder.

He solely focuses on your beauty.

you are so beautiful

I know, I know: why is this a warning sign? Because it means he isn’t interested in who you are, just what you look like. When a guy contacts you online his message shouldn’t just be about your looks. He should have read your profile. In fact, his initial email should reference some of your likes and things that you have in common. Si no, the only thing he’s trying to connect with is your booty.

He asks for a sexy pic every day.

sexy pic

Just like the days of MySpace, where men friended hot girls to ogle sexy selfies, there are men online who only want to collect sexy pics. He initiates an online chat and seems normal enough. Then, three exchanges later, he asks you for a “sexy pic.” “Excuse me, sir, but you don’t even know me!” you say. He keeps asking, explaining that he just wants to guarantee you are the real deal. You give in because he is persistent, and you hope he asks you out on a date once he knows you are who you say you are. And he never contacts you again. Creep!

He can’t stop telling sexual jokes.

sex joke simpsons

“Knock, knock!:” “Who’s there?” “My raging boner!” What?! Yes, men can be this crude when online dating. They get extra large cojones and can be very disrespectful. If he can’t stop telling sex jokes, or everything turns into a sexual innuendo, he just wants sex. Period.

His profile lacks substance.

selfie obsessed guy

You are perusing profiles and a cutie catches your eye, but what does his profile say? Nada. Aside from his username and about two dozen sexy pics (he’s shirtless in almost all of them) he doesn’t say much about himself. This is a guy who doesn’t want a relationship with substance. And he may be obsessed with his abs.

He never ever takes it off line.

typing online

You’ve been chatting with him for an entire month and you’re still waiting for him to ask you out on a date. He never will because: a) he is chatting with multiple women, b) he has a girlfriend or spouse, and this is just fun, or c) he isn’t who he says he is. Yes, this can be a “Catfish” situation. Leave him be or get ready for Nev and Max to come a-knocking.

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Refers to women as crazy, bitches, or crazy bitches.

bitches be crazy

This is scarier than a man who is obsessed with cats. Whether it’s an ex girlfriend, his mama or his boss, when a man refers to women as “crazy,” “bitches,” or “crazy bitches,” he has no respect for females. So, note his tone when talking about women and what he says about what he seek in a partner. As soon as he utters a put down, scoot, chica. Cause he’s a raging misogynistic creep.

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